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Bragt, Katrien van. 1995. Bibliographie des traductions françaises (1810-1840) [Bibliography of French translation (1810-1840)]. Leuven: Presses Universitaires de Louvain. 1034 pp.
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Also available on CD-ROM: ISBN 90 6186 780 0


This directory contains records of all books translated into French and published in France from 1810 to 1840, as they were recorded in the #Bibliographie de la France#, which was the basic source of information. Although relatively brief, this period has been very important for modern cultural history. The translations produced then have certainly played a prominent role in the evolution of French literature. This volume allows for the first time a comprehensive and comparative analysis of translations of all languages and all authors. The book is primarily a source of multidisciplinary documentation, which lists as exhaustively as possible the presence of translations in all cultural disciplines that have been distinguished by the Bibliography of France: Theology, Jurisprudence, Science and Arts, Literature and History. The book also contains two indexes: one with the names of the authors and one with those of the translators. [Source: W. Tesseur]