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Doorslaer, Luc van, Denise Merkle, Carol O'Sullivan and Michaela Wolf, eds. 2010. The power of the pen: translation and censorship in nineteenth-century Europe (Repräsentation-Transformation: Translating across Cultures and Societies 4). Vienna: Lit Verlag. 298 pp.
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This interdisciplinary collection investigates the relations between translation and different forms and systems of censorship that were operating in nineteenth-century Europe. The volume presents and discusses broadly the research findings of Translation Studies scholars from a total of nine countries. Contributors have studied not only the apparati of power that enforce censorship but also the symbolic dimension that as well as being inherent to systems is also an explicit activity on the part of decision makers. The papers combine to create a sharp historical focus on the role of translators as agents of conformity and/or subversion in the face of censorship in nineteenth-century Europe. [Based on publisher information]

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