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Matamala Ripoll, Anna, Pilar Orero and Eliana Franco, eds. 2010. Voice-over translation. An overview. Bern: Peter Lang.
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Edited volume
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ISBN 978-3-0351-0098-3 (eBook)


This book presents the first study of voice-over from a wide approach, including not only academic issues but also a description of the practice of voice-over around the globe. The authors define the concept of voice-over in Film Studies and Translation Studies and clarify the relationship between voice-over and other audiovisual transfer modes. They also describe the translation process in voice-over both for production and postproduction, for fiction and non-fiction. The book also features course models on voice-over which can be used as a source of inspiration by trainers willing to include this transfer mode in their courses. A global survey on voice-over in which both practitioners and academics express their opinions and a commented bibliography on voice-over complete this study. [Source: publisher information]

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