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Grove Ditlevsen, Marianne and Peter Kastberg. 2009. Personal knowledge management. Knowledge mapping techniques in the training of LSP translators. In Maldussi, Danio and Eva Wiesmann, eds. Specialised translation I. Special issue of Intralinea. Rivista di Traduttologia URL
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This article deals with the integration of the two spheres of knowledge and skills commonly accepted to be essential to the technical translator, i.e. linguistics/translation and subject matter. The focus is on one of the spheres, namely that of subject matter, and how subject matter is integrated into translator curricula. Whereas we do not question the need for subject matter knowledge, we do question the way in which such knowledge is typically conveyed in translator training. Consequently we define and discuss two prototypical approaches to integrating content into translator training. On the basis of a critical discussion of these approaches, we argue that neither way is optimal when it comes to preparing students for coping with real-life translations. We proceed to introduce the framework of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) as a totally different way of integrating subject matter into LSP translator curricula. Based on this introduction we focus on one particular PKM technique, that of knowledge mapping, and conclude the article by means of a case study of knowledge mapping-in-use at an Italian university.
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