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Darbelnet, Jean and Jean-Paul Vinay. 1995. Comparative stylistics of French and English: a methodology for translation (Benjamins Translation Library 11). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins. xx + 359 pp.
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Translated and edited by Juan C. Sager, M.-J. Hamel. Paperback ISBN: 90-272-1611-8 US Hardbound ISBN: 1-55619-691-1 US Paperback ISBN: 1-55619-692-X


Over the last 37 years the #Stylistique comparée du français et de l’anglais# has become a standard text in the French-speaking world for the study of comparative stylistics and the training of translators. This updated, first English edition makes Vinay & Darbelnet's classic methodology of translation available to a wider readership. The translation-oriented contrastive grammatical and stylistic analysis of the two languages is extensively exemplified by expressions, phrases and whole texts. Combining description with methodological guidelines for translation, it serves both as a course book and — through its index and glossary — as a reference manual for specific translation problems. [Based on publisher information]

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