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Pettit, Zoë. 2005. Translating register, style and tone in dubbing and subtitling. JoSTrans 4 : 49–65.
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This article considers the manner in which the translators of a selection of subtitled and dubbed versions (English-French) approach the style and tone of the source text in relation to language register. Stylistic effects inform the viewer about the speaker. Emotions can be expressed and social relationships portrayed through the use of particular forms of language. The audiovisual translator has to sift through the multiple layers of meaning within the context of the verbal, non-verbal, aural and visual signs of the audiovisual text. Lexical, grammatical and stylistic changes in the subtitled and dubbed versions of three films (#Smoke#, #Blue in the Face# and #The Piano#) are studied to establish the extent to which coherence is secured in relation to these features. [Based on abstract in journal]