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Montalt i Resurrecció, Vicent and Maria González Davies. 2005. Medical translation step by step: learning by drafting (Translation Practices Explained 9). Manchester: St. Jerome. 160 pp.
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Statistics on the translation market consistently identify medicine as a major thematic area as far as volume or translation is concerned. This book aims to explain the basics of medical translation and ways of teaching and learning how to translate medical texts. It provides a pedagogical approach to medical translation based on learner and learning-centred teaching tasks, revolving around interaction: pair and group work on declarative and operative knowledge of both translation and medical texts, and favour an approach that takes into account both the process and product of translations. Starting from a broad communication framework, the book follows a top-down approach to medical translation: communication→genres→texts→terms and the other units of specialized knowledge. It is positively focused in that it does not insist on error analysis, but rather on ways of writing good translations and empowering both students and teachers.
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