Data submission

The compilers of the Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB) appreciate your help in finding relevant publications. If you want, please use our entry forms to submit data. However, if you prefer to send in data in any other (electronic) form, that will be very helpful too. Please read the instructions .

If you would like to check whether a book title has already been submitted for inclusion in the TSB, please consult this list . The journals that are currently covered for the TSB are listed here.

If the Content Manager considers the submitted record(s) to match the selection criteria for the bibliography, the record will be added to the next release of the database. Your name will be included as source of the abstract. Benjamins offers a free book of your choice from our Translation and Terminology list (Benjamins Translation Library, ATA Monograph Series, Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice) for every 50 records that are included in the bibliography.

Please note: by submitting data to the Translation Studies Bibliography, you give the compilers permission to decide upon inclusion of the records (and abstracts) in the bibliography, and to edit the abstract if necessary, and you give to the publisher of the TSB the non-exclusive, perpetual right to include the submitted record (incl. abstract) in all editions of the TSB or derived products.

Contact information for the Content Manager can be found elsewhere on this site.

Thank you very much for helping us build a key reference work for the field of translation and interpreting studies!