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Editors: Frank Brisard, Jana Declercq, Sigurd D'hondt & Mieke Vandenbroucke
IPrA Research Center (International Pragmatics Association)

Linguistic Pragmatics is characterized by its continuous worldwide development into an extremely productive, innovative and intriguing research area within language studies. Here we invite you to explore the entire range of topics that cover this interdisciplinary yet coherent academic field, presenting to you the Handbook of Pragmatics Online .

The Handbook of Pragmatics has been available online since 2003 and is expanded and revised annually. It offers reference interlinking through CrossRef DOIs. You can use the links in the navigation bar at the top to access general information on the aim & scope of the handbook, on subscription and pricing, and on how to contact the publisher or the editors.

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The Handbook of Pragmatics is also available in a print edition .

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