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Implementing the journal’s language policy outlined in the Editors’ “Letter to the readers” (Target, vol. 26, 2014, pp. 1‒2), this part of the companion website of Target is dedicated to translations of articles and reviews from the journal into multiple languages, bringing into practice the journal’s core topic and honoring multilingualism:

Multilingual Advisory Board

The Multilingual Website Editor (MWE for short) is Daria Dayter (email [email protected]).

We are committed to publishing high-quality translations. Our Target Online Multilingual Advisory Board helps us to maintain these standards. All members are affiliated to a department of translation, interpreting, multilingual communication, modern languages or literatures and possess thorough linguistic expertise.

Current members of the multilingual website board:

Karine Bachelier Monash University
Christian Balliu Université Libre de Bruxelles
Yang Bingjun Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ludmilla Budnik Monash University
Eneida García Villanueva University of Glasgow
Mavis Ho University of Edinburgh
Márta Juhász-Koch Eötvös Loránd University
Min-Hsiu Liao University of Edinburgh
Gary Massey ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Marc Orlando Macquarie University
Edina Robin Eötvös Loránd University
Marzieh Sadegh-pour Monash University
Olívia Seidl-Péch Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Erwin Snauwaert KU Leuven
Carmen Valero Garcés University of Alcalá
Marion Winters Heriot-Watt University
Ming Xu Beijing Language and Culture University

With the number of translations and target languages constantly increasing, Target Online is actively looking for academics with native or native-like skills in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Kazakh, Persian, Slovak, Ukrainian.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please send an email to our MWE.

Subscription & price

All translations on Target Online are freely consultable for anyone with a subscription to Target.

Procedure and guidelines

We accept translations of book reviews or articles from Target by individual translators or by translation teachers who are supervising a translation project with their students (see our Message for Translation Teachers).

The base of translated articles is constantly growing. If you are interested in contributing to our project, please take a look at the translation database on this website to see whether a translation of the article of your interest already exists. While we do not accept different translations of the same (review) article into the same target language, multiple translations into different target languages are welcome.

Please always check with the MWE before you start to translate, as a translation project might already be in progress! For that purpose, please fill out the TRANSLATION REQUEST FORM and send it to our MWE ([email protected]).

Once you have embarked on your translation project, please respect the following guidelines:

A sample translation is offered here for your guidance.


When finished, translations should be submitted to the MWE at [email protected]