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Editors: Yves Gambier & Luc van Doorslaer
University of Turku & Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania / University of Tartu & KU Leuven

Translation Studies (sometimes also called: Translation and Interpreting Studies) comprises the discipline dealing with transfer and mediation, containing aspects of intra- and interlingual translation, intercultural communication, adaptation, interpreting, localization, multimedia translation, language mediation, terminology and documentation.

In recent years, Translation Studies has demonstrated that it has established itself as a mature academic discipline. We welcome you to explore the broad range of publications in this field, using the innovative and advanced Translation Studies Bibliography.

The database is continuously updated and now contains approx. 40,000 annotated records. The bibliography is enhanced by a thesaurus and provides CrossRef DOIs, where available, for easier interlinking. You can experience the functionality of the interface, and search the records by registering for the free trial subscription: please click Trial in the section About.

Starting from 2002, the original TSB partners were KU Leuven, the European Society for Translation Studies (EST) and John Benjamins Publishing Company. Recently the University of Tartu also joined the consortium. The partner network has been further extended with Guangxi University, where a TSB team is responsible for the structural and substantial supply of Chinese bibliographic records.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1075/etsb

ISSN: 1877-962X

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