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Educating in Dialog: Constructing meaning and building knowledge with dialogic technology

Edited by Sebastian Feller and Ilker Yengin

[Dialogue Studies, 24] 2014. xviii, 250 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Dialogue studies | Pragmatics

Lexical Meaning in Dialogic Language Use

Sebastian Feller

[Dialogue Studies, 9] 2010. vii, 184 pp.
Subjects Dialogue studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semantics
Subjects Communication Studies | Dialogue studies | Discourse studies | Philosophy | Pragmatics


Feller, Sebastian and Angus Gellatly 2016 Obligatory processing of irrelevant gestureGesture 15:1, pp. 60–78 | Article
This paper presents a study of selected iconic gestures with a view to determining their effects on RT in a task-relevant and a task-irrelevant context. In two experiments, participants were presented with a coloured shape on a computer screen, a spoken statement referring to the presented shape,… read more
Feller, Sebastian 2015 Review of Ginzburg (2012): The Interactive StanceLanguage and Dialogue 5:3, pp. 485–489 | Review
In modern education, there has been an increasing emphasis on creative thinking, collaborative problem-solving and critical discussion. In this chapter, I argue that learning communities foster these skills and thus provide a strong foundation for deep learning; i.e. learning that is based on deep… read more
Feller, Sebastian and Edda Weigand 2015 PrefaceLanguage and Dialogue 5:3, pp. 353–354 | Article
In this paper, I develop a view of teaching and learning as explorative action games (TaLEAG). The concept of the action game is borrowed from Weigand’s (2010) Theory of Dialogic Action Games or Mixed Game Model (MGM). The MGM rests on two basic assumptions: communication is dialogic and… read more
Feller, Sebastian 2014 Uncertainty as integrated part of meaning and understandingCommunicating Certainty and Uncertainty in Medical, Supportive and Scientific Contexts, Zuczkowski, Andrzej, Ramona Bongelli, Ilaria Riccioni and Carla Canestrari (eds.), pp. 99–114 | Article
In this chapter, we discuss the issue of uncertainty in language and communication. The starting point for the discussion is Weigand’s (2010) Mixed Game Model, a theory of dialogic language use. Feller’s (2010) meaning-in-use, which conceptualizes meaning construction as a dialogic process, puts… read more
In this paper, I will present a dialogic view of identity. I argue that identity is not a static description of who or what a person or thing is rather than the outcome of, what I call, a dialog of cultures. In a broad sense, identities are negotiated or, co-constructed, against the background of… read more
Weigand, Edda and Sebastian Feller 2013 PrefaceLanguage and Dialogue 3:3, pp. 339–340 | Article
In this article I critically discuss four studies in the area of Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) research. The focus is on distinct dimensions of culture including both verbal and para-verbal behavior in communication. My discussion is grounded in Weigand’s (2010) theory of dialogic action games… read more
Feller, Sebastian 2011 Language use and the lexiconLanguage and Dialogue 1:1, pp. 129–145 | Article
In this article I critically discuss two state-of-the-art theories of meaning in Cognitive Semantics: Evans’ (2006, 2009) LCCM-Theory and Jackendoff’s (2010a, 2010b) Parallel Architecture. The main focus will be on how these theories define meaning and how they represent it. This will serve as a… read more
Feller, Sebastian 2009 A look beyondLanguage as Dialogue: From rules to principles of probability, Weigand, Edda, pp. 379–380 | Article
Feller, Sebastian 2009 Introduction to Part IILanguage as Dialogue: From rules to principles of probability, Weigand, Edda, pp. 147–148 | Article
Feller, Sebastian 2009 Introduction: In the tide of changeLanguage as Dialogue: From rules to principles of probability, Weigand, Edda, pp. 5–12 | Miscellaneous
Feller, Sebastian 2009 Introduction to Part ILanguage as Dialogue: From rules to principles of probability, Weigand, Edda, pp. 19–20 | Article
Feller, Sebastian 2009 Introduction to Part IIILanguage as Dialogue: From rules to principles of probability, Weigand, Edda, pp. 261–264 | Article
Feller, Sebastian 2009 PrefaceLanguage as Dialogue: From rules to principles of probability, Weigand, Edda, pp. 1–4 | Miscellaneous
Feller, Sebastian 2008 Irony as a rhetorical device in dialogic interactionDialogue and Rhetoric, Weigand, Edda (ed.), pp. 171–183 | Article
In the present article I will critically discuss various approaches to irony originating from different disciplines. Besides traditional definitions of ironic speech dating back to Roman times as well as present-day linguistic models, I will also deal with irony from a psychological perspective. As… read more
Feller, Sebastian 2007 Cultural differences in the speech act of greetingDialogue and Culture, Grein, Marion and Edda Weigand (eds.), pp. 177–190 | Article