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Asian Languages and Linguistics

Edited by Danqing Liu, Ailan Fu and Cheng Gong
Asian Languages and Linguistics aims to enhance high-quality research on the description and theoretical analysis of languages throughout Asia. The journal encourages submissions from a wide... read more
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Interactional Linguistics

Edited by Ilana Mushin and Simona Pekarek Doehler
In the past two decades, usage-based approaches to linguistic inquiry have forged an empirically grounded comprehension of language as locally contingent, temporal, and ever-adaptive. Interactionally-oriented approaches to the... read more
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Journal of English for Research Publication Purposes

Edited by Pejman Habibie and Sue Starfield
The Journal of English for Research Publication Purposes will provide a scholarly venue for the construction and dissemination of discourses related to the fast-expanding field of English for research publication purposes (ERPP).... read more
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Journal of English-Medium Instruction

Edited by Diane Pecorari and Hans Malmström
Around the globe, varied instructional settings use English for teaching and learning purposes, despite the fact that it is not the first language of some or all participants. The Journal of English-Medium Instruction provides a... read more
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Pedagogical Linguistics

Edited by Andreas Trotzke and Tom Rankin
Pedagogical Linguistics publishes work on educational applications of theoretical and descriptive linguistics. The general aim of the journal is to bring the formal and the functional strands of linguistics... read more
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Journal on Task-Based Language Teaching and Learning

General Editor: Kris Van den Branden and Koen Van Gorp
TASK is an international refereed journal dedicated to promoting and disseminating scholarship and research in the field of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and learning. The journal welcomes reports of empirical studies,... read more