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GEST 17:3
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February 2020. iii, 142 pp.
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Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter
Band 21

Herausgegeben von Manuel Baumbach und Olaf Pluta
March 2019. iv, 258 pp.
ELT 1:2
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Evolutionary Linguistic Theory

January 2020. iii, 98 pp.
LTBA 42:2
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Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area

January 2020. iii, 174 pp.
IJoLC 6:2
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International Journal of Language and Culture

January 2020. iii, 163 pp.
RCL 17:2
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Review of Cognitive Linguistics

January 2020. iv, 241 pp.
CogLS 6:2
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Cognitive Linguistic Studies

February 2020. iii, 160 pp.
SL&L 22:2
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Sign Language & Linguistics

February 2020. iv, 141 pp.
APLV 5:2
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Asia-Pacific Language Variation

March 2020. iii, 135 pp.
HL 46:3
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Historiographia Linguistica

March 2020. iv, 195 pp.
DuJAL 8:2
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Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics

March 2020. iii, 194 pp.
LI 42:2
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Lingvisticæ Investigationes

March 2020. iii, 167 pp.
BJL 33
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Latin influence on the syntax of the languages of Europe

Edited by Bert Cornillie and Bridget Drinka
March 2020. v, 250 pp.
IDJ 25:1
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Information Visualization
Special issue of Information Design Journal 25:1 (2019)

Edited by Marian Dörk and Isabel Meirelles
March 2020. ii, 122 pp.
WL&L 22:2
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Writing Systems
Past, present (… and future?) . Special issue of Written Language and Literacy 22:2 (2019)

Edited by Terry Joyce and Robert Crellin
March 2020. v, 142 pp.
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Yearbook of the International Reynard Society . Volume 31 (2019)

April 2020. iv, 273 pp.
Reinardus is an international, peer-reviewed journal, which aims to promote comparative research in the fields of medieval comic, satirical, didactic, and allegorical literature, with emphasis on beast epic, fable and fabliau,... read more
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Policy and practice in early language learning

Edited by Janet Enever and Patricia Driscoll
April 2020. iv, 186 pp.
Since the 1990s the inclusion of additional languages in primary and kindergarten curricula has become the norm in many jurisdictions globally. Too frequently however, only limited attention has been paid to the satisfactory... read more
ML 14:3
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The Mental Lexicon

May 2020. iii, 91 pp.
LE 3:1
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Language Ecology

June 2019. iii, 132 pp.
SSOL 9:2
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Scientific Study of Literature

June 2020. iii, 145 pp.
LCS 1:2
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Language, Culture and Society

October 2019. iii, 129 pp.
ETC 12:2
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English Text Construction

October 2019. iii, 153 pp.
TS 8:2
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Translation Spaces

November 2019. iii, 141 pp.
AVT 36
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Linguistics in the Netherlands 2019

Edited by Janine Berns and Elena Tribushinina
November 2019. iv, 207 pp.
The 50th annual conference of the Linguistics Society of the Netherlands took place in Utrecht on February 2nd, 2019. The annual meetings provide members with the opportunity to report on their ongoing research. ... read more
IP 2:2
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Internet Pragmatics

December 2019. iii, 162 pp.
LangCT 2:1
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Language, Context and Text

January 2020. iii, 209 pp.
LiC 20:1
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Languages in Contrast

January 2020. iii, 165 pp.
PL 1:1
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Pedagogical Linguistics

February 2020. iii, 93 pp.
ALaL 1:1
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Asian Languages and Linguistics

March 2020. iii, 203 pp.
LL 6:1
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Linguistic Landscape

March 2020. iii, 107 pp.
AP 2:1
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Applied Pragmatics

March 2020. iii, 120 pp.
Target 32:1
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March 2020. iii, 172 pp.
RRO 55:1
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Revue Romane

March 2020. iv, 189 pp.
JLAC 8:1
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Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict

March 2020. iii, 145 pp.
PS 11:1
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Pragmatics and Society

March 2020. iii, 169 pp.
LTYL 2:1
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Language Teaching for Young Learners

March 2020. iv, 155 pp.
ARAL 43:1
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Australian Review of Applied Linguistics

March 2020. iii, 104 pp.
LV 20:1
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Variation in phonology
Special issue of Linguistic Variation 20:1 (2020)

Edited by Péter Szigetvári
March 2020. v, 171 pp.
DIA 37:1
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April 2020. iii, 132 pp.
JSLS 3:1
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Journal of Second Language Studies

April 2020. iii, 154 pp.
IJCL 25:1
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International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

April 2020. iii, 123 pp.
RS 2:1
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Register Studies

April 2020. iii, 171 pp.
INTP 22:1
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April 2020. iii, 161 pp.
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International Journal of Learner Corpus Research

April 2020. iii, 119 pp.
ASJ 4:1
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Mass Media Effects and the Political Agenda
Assessing its Scope and Conditions . Special issue of The Agenda Setting Journal 4:1 (2020)

Edited by Ana Maria Belchior, Peter Van Aelst, José Santana-Pereira and Patrick Merle
April 2020. v, 169 pp.
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Runic Inscriptions and the Early History of the Germanic Languages
Special issue of NOWELE 73:1 (2020)

Edited by Robert Nedoma and Hans Frede Nielsen
April 2020. v, 192 pp.
FOL 27:1
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Notes from the field on perspective-indexing constructions
Irregular shifts and perspective persistence . Special issue of Functions in Language 27:1 (2020)

Edited by Stef Spronck, An Van linden, Caroline Gentens and María Sol Sansiñena
April 2020. v, 112 pp.
JPCL 35:1
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Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

May 2020. iv, 205 pp.
JHL 10:1
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Journal of Historical Linguistics

May 2020. iii, 152 pp.
MSW 10:1
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Metaphor and the Social World

May 2020. iv, 189 pp.
TCB 3:1
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Translation, Cognition & Behavior

May 2020. iii, 142 pp.
IS 21:2
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Interaction Studies

May 2020. iii, 116 pp.
NI 30:2
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Narrative Inquiry

May 2020. iii, 240 pp.
ConSL 46:1
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May 2020. iii, 123 pp.
LD 10:1
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Dialogue and Ways of Relating
Special issue of Language and Dialogue 10:1 (2020)

Edited by Huey-Rong Chen
May 2020. v, 145 pp.
JAIC 9:1
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Argumentation and Meaning
Semantic and pragmatic reflexions . Special issue of the Journal of Argumentation in Context 9:1 (2020)

Edited by Steve Oswald, Sara Greco, Johanna Miecznikowski, Chiara Pollaroli and Andrea Rocci
May 2020. v, 166 pp.
FORUM 18:1
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June 2020. iii, 110 pp.
L&L 21:3
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Language and Linguistics

June 2020. iii, 136 pp.
EWW 41:2
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English World-Wide

June 2020. iii, 134 pp.
TERM 26:1
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June 2020. iv, 158 pp.
SiC 17:1
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Spanish in Context

June 2020. iii, 170 pp.
SL 44:2
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Studies in Language

June 2020. iii, 219 pp.
CLD 11:1
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Chinese Language and Discourse

June 2020. iv, 168 pp.
JLP 19:4
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Journal of Language and Politics

June 2020. iv, 170 pp.
LAB 10:3
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Mental representations in receptive multilingualism
Special issue of Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 10:3 (2020)

Edited by Bonnie C. Holmes and Michael T. Putnam
June 2020. v, 132 pp.
TIS 15:1
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Ethics of Non-Professional Translation and Interpreting
Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 15.1 (2020)

Edited by Esther Monzó-Nebot and Melissa Wallace
June 2020. vi, 159 pp.
Babel 66:3
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June 2020. iv, 183 pp.
IJChL 7:1
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International Journal of Chinese Linguistics

June 2020. iii, 165 pp.
LPLP 44:1
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Language Problems and Language Planning

July 2020. iii, 122 pp