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How Metaphors Guide, Teach and Popularize Science

Edited by Anke Beger and Thomas H. Smith
April 2020. vi, 332 pp.
With an accessible introduction to theory and method this book prepares scientists, science teachers, and science writers to take advantage of recent shifts in metaphor theories and methods.
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New Approaches to Language Attitudes in the Hispanic and Lusophone World

Edited by Talia Bugel and Cecilia Montes-Alcalá
April 2020. xi, 274 pp.
This volume fills a crucial void in the field of Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics by introducing the latest production in the discipline of attitudes toward Spanish, Spanish sign language, Portuguese, Guarani and Papiamentu... read more
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Drawing Attention to Metaphor
Case studies across time periods, cultures and modalities

Edited by Camilla Di Biase-Dyson and Markus Egg
April 2020. v, 265 pp.
This book brings philologists of ancient languages together with metaphor experts from several modalities to interrogate whether ancient and modern texts and languages draw attention to figurative tropes in similar ways
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Changes in Meaning and Function
Studies in historical linguistics with a focus on Spanish

Edited by Jorge Fernández Jaén and Herminia Provencio Garrigós
April 2020. xii, 332 pp.
This book offers insights on some of the research lines which are currently being developed within the framework of diachronic language research, bringing together theoretical as well as empirical works, undertaken from various... read more
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Deafness, Gesture and Sign Language in the 18th Century French Philosophy

Josef Fulka
April 2020. vii, 166 pp.
The book represents a historical overview of the way the topic of gesture and sign language has been treated in the 18th century French philosophy.
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Approaches to Hungarian
Volume 16: Papers from the 2017 Budapest Conference

Edited by Veronika Hegedűs and Irene Vogel
April 2020. v, 233 pp.
This volume contains selected papers from the International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian (Budapest, 2017).The contributions address theoretical issues in Hungarian linguistics, including comparisons with other... read more
SCL 96
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Corpora and the Changing Society
Studies in the evolution of English

Edited by Paula Rautionaho, Arja Nurmi and Juhani Klemola
April 2020. xii, 305 pp.
This book showcases eleven studies dealing with corpora and the changing society. The contributors in this volume use a variety of corpus methods to address the two patterns of change.
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Discourses on the Edges of Life

Edited by Vicent Salvador, Adéla Kotátková and Ignasi Clemente
April 2020. vi, 196 pp.
This book deals the discourses that surround – and construct our perspectives and understanding of – death and dying. Of course, the present volume does not attempt to be exhaustive, but it considers the subject from several... read more
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Language, Culture and Identity – Signs of Life

Edited by Vera da Silva Sinha, Ana Moreno-Núñez and Zhen Tian
April 2020. viii, 319 pp.
This book explores the inextricable connection that language has with cultural identity and cultural practices, with a particular emphasis on how they contribute to shaping personal identity.
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Walking on the Grammaticalization Path of the Definite Article
Functional Main and Side Roads

Edited by Renata Szczepaniak and Johanna Flick
April 2020. vi, 253 pp.
This volume contains empirically-based papers which examine individual stages of the grammaticalization of the definite article in German from its beginnings as a demonstrative to the definite article and beyond, focusing on... read more