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BTL 164
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The Complexity of Social-Cultural Emergence

Biosemiotics, semiotics and translation studies

Edited by Kobus Marais, Reine Meylaerts and Maud Gonne

Based on previous work that linked biosemiotics, semiotics and translation studies, this book further explores a variety of factors that play a role in social-cultural emergence. The volume, which presents a selection of papers read at a conference in 2022 with the same title as the book, engages the systems of... full description
Expected August 2024. v, 190 pp.+ index
CoLL 60
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Constraints on Language Variation and Change in Complex Multilingual Contact Settings

Edited by Bertus van Rooy and Haidee Kotze

Constraints on Language Variation and Change in Complex Multilingual Contact Settings explores an innovative proposal: that linguistic similarities identified in different forms of contact-influenced varieties of language use (including translation, native and non-native varieties of English, and language... full description
Expected August 2024. v, 288 pp. + index
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The Fine-grained Structure of the Lexical Area

Gender, appreciatives and nominal suffixes in Spanish

Antonio Fábregas

This is the first book that presents a complete description and analysis of the Spanish suffixes that alter the grammatical behaviour of nouns and adjectives without changing their grammatical category, supporting a fine-grained decomposition of the syntactic area where these word classes are defined.In this monograph... full description
Expected March 2024. xiii, 394 pp.
Cover not available

Individual Difference Factors in Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching

Edited by Shaofeng Li

This book consists of a collection of empirical studies and research syntheses investigating the role of individual difference (ID) variables in task-based language teaching (TBLT)—a pedagogical approach that emphasizes the importance of the performance of meaning-oriented tasks in facilitating second language... full description
Expected August 2024. vi, 376 pp + index
SiGL 8
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Investigating West Germanic Languages

Studies in honor of Robert B. Howell

Edited by Jennifer Hendriks and B. Richard Page

This volume celebrates Robert B. Howell's wide-ranging contribution as a scholar, mentor, collaborator, and colleague in the field of Germanic linguistics. In addition to investigating present-day or past varieties of Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Flemish, German, and Pennsylvania Dutch, each of the thirteen... full description
Expected April 2024. vi, 327 pp. + index
CILT 363
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Keys to the History of English

Diachronic linguistic change, morpho-syntax and lexicography

Edited by Thijs Porck, Moragh S. Gordon and Luisella Caon

This volume brings together contributions selected from papers delivered at the 21st International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL, Leiden 2021). The contributions deal with various aspects of English language across time and geographical space, shedding light on both long-term developments and... full description
Expected May 2024. vii, 234 pp. + index
Cover not available

Latin Literatures of Medieval and Early Modern Times in Europe and Beyond

A millennium heritage

Edited by Francesco Stella

The textual heritage of Medieval Latin is one of the greatest reservoirs of human culture. Repertories list more than 13,174 authors from about 20 modern countries. Until now, there has been no introduction to this world in its full geographical extension. Forty contributors fill this gap by adopting a new... full description
Expected April 2024. xviii, 633 pp. + index
AHS 14
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Lifespan Acquisition and Language Change

Historical sociolinguistic perspectives

Edited by Israel Sanz-Sánchez

This volume connects the latest research on language acquisition across the lifespan with the explanation of language change in specific sociohistorical settings. This conversation benefits from recent advances in two areas: on the one hand, the study of how learners of various ages and in various sociolinguistic... full description
Expected April 2024. viii, 326 pp. + index
SiBil 66
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Multifaceted Multilingualism

Edited by Kleanthes K. Grohmann

This volume collects research on language, cognition, and communication in multilingualism. Apart from theoretical concerns including grammatical description, language-specific analyses, and modeling of multilingualism, different fields of study and research interests center around three core themes: The Early Years... full description
Expected April 2024. x, 430 pp. + index
SiBil 67
Cover not available

Multilingual Acquisition and Learning

Towards an eco-systemic view of diversity

Edited by Elena Babatsouli

The volume espouses an eco-systemic standpoint on multilingual acquisition and learning, viewing language development and use as both ontogenesis and phylogenesis. Multilingualism is inclusively used to refer to sociolinguistic diversity and pluralism. Whether speech, writing, gesture, or body movement, language is a... full description
Expected July 2024. ix, 635 pp. + index
P&bns 344
Cover not available

(Non)referentiality in Conversation

Edited by Michael C. Ewing and Ritva Laury

Although there is a large literature on referentiality, going back to at least the nineteenth and early twentieth century, much of this early work is based on constructed data and most of it is on English. The chapters in this volume contribute to a growing body of work that examines referentiality through... full description
Expected July 2024. v, 201 pp. + index
SLCS 235
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Predication in African Languages

Edited by Enoch O. Aboh and James Essegbey

This book discusses patterns of predication and their grammatical and semantic implications in a variety of African languages. It covers several prominent topics about predication in the languages, including locative predication, expressions of tense, aspect, and mood in relation to verbal complexes and verb... full description
Expected July 2024. xi, 340 pp. + index
SCL 114
Cover not available

The Present Perfect and the Preterite in Late Modern and Contemporary English

A corpus-based study of grammatical change

Xinyue Yao

This book examines developments in the use of the present perfect and the preterite in Late Modern and contemporary English, with a focus on American and British English. Drawing on neo-Gricean pragmatics, it proposes a novel and principled analysis of the verb forms’ context-independent meanings and context-dependent... full description
Expected March 2024. xvii, 235 pp.
Cover not available

Revisiting modality

A corpus-based study of epistemic adverbs in Galician

Vítor Míguez

This book presents the first in-depth investigation of modality in Galician linguistics, offering a theoretical discussion of modal categories and a fine-grained description of epistemic adverbs. The first half of the monograph deconstructs the most relevant approaches to modal categories and shows how the traditional... full description
Expected July 2024. xvii, 233 pp. + index
P&bns 342
Cover not available

Self- and Other-Reference in Social Contexts

From global to local discourses

Edited by Minna Nevala and Minna Palander-Collin

The chapters in this volume study the construction, representation and negotiation of a variety of social roles through self- and other-reference markers or the discussion of reference as a tool for identification. The chapters uncover new insights both from a historical and present-day perspective and show how... full description
Expected March 2024. v, 195 pp.
LAL 42
Cover not available

Transformative Reading

Olivia Fialho

Transformative Reading belongs to a growing tradition of studies investigating the functions of aesthetic experiences in our lives. Philosophers, literary theorists, and psychologists have suggested that aesthetic experiences implicate and develop our sense of ourselves. Literary texts, as one such experience,... full description
Expected July 2024. xii, 259 pp. + index
LA 283
Cover not available

The Unity of Movement

Evidence from verb movement in Cantonese

Tommy Tsz-Ming Lee

Displacement (of linguistic expressions) is a ubiquitous phenomenon in natural language. In the generative tradition, displacement is modelled in terms of transformation, or more precisely, movement, which establishes dependencies among syntactic constituents in a phrase structure. This book probes the question... full description
Expected April 2024. xxii, 210 pp. + index
CILT 364
Cover not available

Unlocking the History of English

Pragmatics, prescriptivism and text types

Edited by Luisella Caon, Moragh S. Gordon and Thijs Porck

This volume brings together contributions selected from papers delivered at the 21st International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL, Leiden 2021). The chapters deal with aspects of language use throughout the history of English, including efforts to prescribe and regulate language in texts that... full description
Expected May 2024. viii, 251 pp. + index
BSP 61
Cover not available

Zur mittelalterlichen Herkunft einiger Theoreme in der modernen Aristoteles-Interpretation

Eine Fallstudie anhand der Kommentare von Albertus Magnus und Thomas von Aquin zu Aristoteles’ Metaphysik XII

Erwin Sonderegger

Die Rezeption der Texte von Aristoteles in verschiedenen Welten hat zu Umformungen geführt, von denen manche noch heute als Meinung des Aristoteles selbst behauptet werden. Wenn es möglich ist, diese aus verschiedenen Welten herkommenden Umgestaltungen ausdrücklich zu machen, können sie methodisch ausgeschaltet werden.full description
Expected March 2024. vii, 126 pp.