SCL 82

Applications of Pattern-driven Methods in Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Joanna Kopaczyk and Jukka Tyrkkö
Expected March 2018. vii, 313 pp.
This volume proposes the term pattern-driven approach as a more precise alternative. The chapters illustrate a variety of methods that fall under this broad methodology, such as lexical bundles, POS-grams and semantic frames, and demonstrate how these approaches can uncover new understandings of both synchronic and diachronic linguistic phenomena.

Between Turn and Sequence: Turn-initial particles across languages

Edited by John Heritage and Marja-Leena Sorjonen
Expected June 2018. vii, 468 pp. + index
This volume brings together conversation analytic studies of turn-initial particles in interactions in fourteen languages geographically widely distributed (Europe, America, Asia and Australia).
SCL 81

Building and Using the Siarad Corpus: Bilingual conversations in Welsh and English

Margaret Deuchar, Peredur Webb-Davies and Kevin Donnelly
Expected March 2018. vii, 196 pp. + index
This book is a research monograph divided into two parts. The first part describes the method used to build the first sizeable corpus of informal conversational data collected from bilingual speakers of Welsh and English.
CAL 20

Category Change from a Constructional Perspective

Edited by Kristel Van Goethem, Muriel Norde, Evie Coussé and Gudrun Vanderbauwhede
Expected April 2018. vi, 308 pp. + index
This volume offers a survey of different types of category change and their properties, e.g. abrupt versus gradual changes, morphological versus syntactic changes, or context-independent versus context-sensitive changes.
SLCS 195

Changing Structures: Studies in constructions and complementation

Edited by Mark Kaunisto, Mikko Höglund and Paul Rickman
Expected July 2018. vii, 232 pp. + index
This book is a collection of eleven research articles which altogether serve as a contribution to the study of verb complementation and other constructions, an area of investigation which bridges observations on the spectrum of lexico-grammar, syntax, and semantics.
P&bns 289

Compliments and Positive Assessments: Sequential organization in multi-party conversations

Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf
Expected July 2018. xv, 248 pp. + index
The present study takes a new sequential approach by investigating compliments in context, considering compliment form, as part of a Positive Remark continuum, with the respective Response Strategy uttered in response.
HCP 60

Conceptual Metonymy: Methodological, theoretical, and descriptive issues

Edited by Olga Blanco Carrión, Antonio Barcelona and Rossella Pannain
Expected May 2018. ix, 309 pp. + index
The volume addresses a number of closely connected methodological, descriptive, and theoretical issues in the study of metonymy, and includes a series of case studies broadening our knowledge of the functioning of metonymy.
TiLAR 23

The Development of Prosody in First Language Acquisition

Edited by Pilar Prieto and Núria Esteve-Gibert
Expected April 2018. vi, 362 pp. + index
This book compiles a set of seventeen short review chapters from distinguished experts that have contributed significantly to our knowledge about how prosody develops in first language acquisition.
CILT 342

The Diachrony of Classification Systems

Edited by William B. McGregor and Søren Wichmann
Expected July 2018. xi, 351 pp. + index
Classification is a popular topic in typological, descriptive and theoretical linguistics. This volume is the first to deal specifically with the diachrony. It comprises original papers that examine the ways in which linguistic classification systems arise, change, and dissipate in both natural circumstances and in circumstances of attrition.
DS 30

Dialogic Ethics

Edited by Ronald C. Arnett and François Cooren
Expected August 2018. xiv, 280 pp. + index
Dialogic Ethics offers an impressionistic picture of the diversity of perspectives on this topic.

Directional Particles in Cantonese: Form, function, and grammaticalization

Winnie Chor
Expected May 2018. xvii, 236 pp. + index
This book is the first on Cantonese that deals with the grammaticalization phenomenon systematically. Focusing on a group of twelve directional particles, this book tracks their grammaticalization pathways from full-fledged directional verbs, to directional particles.
P&bns 286

Discourse Markers and (Dis)fluency: Forms and functions across languages and registers

Ludivine Crible
Expected March 2018. xvi, 252 pp.
The purpose of this book is to distinguish between strategic vs. symptomatic uses of discourse markers on the basis of their combination, function and distribution across several registers in English and French.

The Discursive Construction of Identities On- and Offline: Personal, group and collective

Edited by Birte Bös, Sonja Kleinke, Sandra Mollin and Nuria Hernández
Expected August 2018. vii, 266 pp. + index
This volume explores the complexities and challenges of linguistic identity construction across a range of online and offline contexts.
TSL 118


Edited by Simeon Floyd, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque
Expected March 2018. ix, 492 pp. + index
Egophoricity is the grammaticalised encoding of personal knowledge or involvement. Markers in egophoric systems are sensitive to epistemic authority; since speakers generally know most about their own affairs, egophoric marking typically associates with first person statements.
SLCS 196

Essays on Linguistic Realism

Edited by Christina Behme and Martin Neef
Expected September 2018. xiii, 296 pp. + index
This book contains new articles by leading philosophers and linguists discussing a promising philosophical framework distinct from currently dominant ones: Linguistic Realism.

Event Structure Metaphors through the Body: Translation from English to American Sign Language

Daniel R. Roush
Expected June 2018. xv, 219 pp. + index
This book investigates the metaphorical production of culturally-Deaf translators who work from English to American Sign Language (ASL).
SiN 24

Form-function Relations in Narrative Development: How Anna became a writer

E. Birgitta Svensson
Expected March 2018. xi, 290 pp. + index
This book provides insights into the development toward narrative competence, and illustrates multifaceted patterns in the developing capacity to create globally coherent narrative texts.
SLCS 192

Functionalist and Usage-based Approaches to the Study of Language: In honor of Joan L. Bybee

Edited by K. Aaron Smith and Dawn Nordquist
Expected March 2018. xxvi, 250 pp.
The contributions to this volume honor Joan Bybee’s 2005 LSA Presidential address “Grammar is Usage and Usage is Grammar,” as a cumulative articulation of Professor Bybee's long and influential career in linguistics. The volume begins with a functional examination of child language acquisition of ergative languages. The next three contributions... read more
SLCS 193

Germanic Genitives

Edited by Tanja Ackermann, Horst J. Simon and Christian Zimmer
Expected April 2018. vi, 323 pp. + index
The papers in this volume focus on the dynamics of one specific cell in morphological paradigms – the genitive.
CAL 21

Grammaticalization meets Construction Grammar

Edited by Evie Coussé, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson
Expected July 2018. vi, 313 pp. + index
This volume brings together articles that are situated at the intersection of grammaticalization research and diachronic construction grammar.
CLU 21

Growing up on the Trobiand Islands in Papua New Guinea: Childhood and eductional ideologies in Tauwema

Barbara Senft and Gunter Senft
Expected June 2018. xxv, 244 pp. + index
This volume deals with the children’s socialization on the Trobriands.
SCL 84

How to Do Corpus Pragmatics on Pragmatically Annotated Data: Speech acts and beyond

Martin Weisser
Expected April 2018. xiv, 294 pp. + index
This book introduces a methodology and research tool (DART) that make it possible to carry out advanced corpus pragmatics research using dialogue corpora enriched with pragmatics-relevant annotations.
BTL 140

Key Cultural Texts in Translation

Edited by Kirsten Malmkjær, Adriana Şerban and Fransiska Louwagie
Expected May 2018. xii, 301 pp. + index
In the context of increased movement across borders, this book examines how key cultural texts and concepts are transferred between nations and languages as well as across different media. The texts examined in this book are considered fundamental to their source culture and can also take on a particular relevance to other (target) cultures.

Landscape and Culture – Cross-linguistic Perspectives

Helen Bromhead
Expected July 2018. xii, 221 pp. + index
The relationship between landscape and culture seen through language is an exciting and increasingly explored area. This ground-breaking book contributes to the linguistic examination of both cross-cultural variation and unifying elements in geographical categorization.
CILT 340

Language Variation and Contact-Induced Change: Spanish across space and time

Edited by Jeremy King and Sandro Sessarego
Expected March 2018. vi, 336 pp.
The sustained contact between Spanish and other languages in different parts of the world has given rise to a wide number of changes in the language, driven by different linguistic and social processes. This collection of articles provides new insight into such phenomena across the Spanish-speaking world.
P&bns 288

Legal Pragmatics

Edited by Dennis Kurzon and Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky
Expected July 2018. viii, 279 pp. + index
The volume Legal Pragmatics is a contribution to the interface between language and law. It looks at how the principles of language use can be beneficial to clarifying legal issues, its twelve chapters (together with the Introduction) offering a wide spectrum of the latest approaches to the area of legal pragmatics.

Lexical meaning as a testable hypothesis: The case of English look, see, seem and appear

Nadav Sabar
Expected April 2018. xiii, 141 pp. + index
This book offers an original treatment of the lexical form look. It establishes that the Columbia School conception of an invariant meaning – hitherto found primarily in grammar – is equally operative in core vocabulary items like look and see. The upshot is that grammar and lexicon are both amenable to synchronic monosemic analysis.
LA 247

Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages

Edited by Annika Hübl and Markus Steinbach
Expected July 2018. xii, 308 pp. + index
The contributions will appeal to theoretical linguists, sign language linguists, typologists, literary scholars, psycholinguists, and philosophers.
Z 216

A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students

Paul Boucher
Expected April 2018. xii, 292 pp. + index
A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students offers the reader an in-depth contrastive study of French and English based on recent theories of linguistics and discourse analysis.
CILT 341

Multiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology

Edited by Ruslan Mitkov, Johanna Monti, Gloria Corpas Pastor and Violeta Seretan
Expected June 2018. ix, 256 pp. + index
The correct interpretation of Multiword Units is crucial to many applications in Natural Language Processing. This volume illustrates a variety of topics that address this challenge, such as rule-based approaches, compound splitting techniques, MWU identification methodologies in multilingual applications, and MWU alignment issues.

The Nation and the Child – Nation Building in Hebrew Children’s Literature, 1930–1970

Yael Darr
Expected June 2018. xii, 181 pp. + index
The Nation and the Child – Nation Building in Hebrew Children’s Literature, 1930–1970 is the first comprehensive study to investigate the active role of children’s literature in the intensive cultural project of building a Hebrew nation.
TSL 122

Nonverbal Predication in Amazonian Languages

Edited by Simon E. Overall, Rosa Vallejos and Spike Gildea
Expected July 2018. vi, 402 pp. + index
This volume explores typological variation within nonverbal predication in Amazonian languages.
SiGL 2

Norwegian Discourse Ellipsis: Clausal architecture and licensing conditions

Mari Nygård
Expected April 2018. xii, 243 pp. + index
This book develops a grammar model for discourse ellipses in spoken Norwegian. Two major questions are addressed. Firstly, is there active syntactic structure in the ellipsis site? Secondly, how are discourse ellipses licensed? It is argued that both structural and semantic restrictions are required to account for the empirical patterns.
LA 246

The Noun Phrase in English: Past and present

Edited by Alex Ho-Cheong Leung and Wim van der Wurff
Expected July 2018. v, 222 pp. + index
Building on a substantial earlier literature, the chapters in this volume further advance knowledge and understanding of properties of the noun phrase in English.
Z 213

On Understanding Grammar: Revised edition

T. Givón
Expected March 2018. xxi, 299 pp.
Thoroughly revised, corrected and updated, On Understanding Grammar remains, as its author intended it in 1979, a book about trying to make sense of human language and of doing linguistics.
P&bns 287

Pragmatic Transfer and Development: Evidence from EFL learners in China

Wei Li
Expected April 2018. xv, 262 pp. + index
This book examines pragmatic transfer by Chinese learners of English at different proficiency levels when writing email requests and refusals.
LAL 30

The Pragmatics of Irony and Banter

Edited by Manuel Jobert and Sandrine Sorlin
Expected May 2018. vi, 221 pp. + index
The Pragmatics of Irony and Banter is the first book-length study analysing irony and banter together.
P&bns 285

Pragmatics of Japanese: Perspectives on grammar, interaction and culture

Edited by Mutsuko Endo Hudson, Yoshiko Matsumoto and Junko Mori
Expected May 2018. xv, 308 pp. + index
Bringing together the latest studies on Japanese pragmatics, this edited volume showcases the breadth of research conducted in this ever-expanding, interdisciplinary field, with the introductory chapter providing a useful summary of developments in the field in the past decades.
NSS 31

Reshaping of the Nominal Inflection in Early Northern West Germanic

Elżbieta Adamczyk
Expected April 2018. xxvii, 565 pp. + index
A comprehensive corpus study of analogical developments in the nominal morphology of four Northern West Germanic languages: Old English, Old Frisian, Old Saxon and Old Low Franconian. It affords insight into the dynamics of the changes, their scope, the mechanisms underlying the restructuring process and the factors conditioning it.

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 13: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ 29, Nijmegen

Edited by Janine Berns, Haike Jacobs and Dominique Nouveau
Expected July 2018. vi, 336 pp. + index
The present volume contains a selection of 19 peer-reviewed articles dealing with syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics and acquisition of the Romance languages.
CVS 13

Science and Democracy: Controversies and conflicts

Edited by Pierluigi Barrotta and Giovanni Scarafile
Expected July 2018. viii, 195 pp. + index
The relationship between science and democracy has become a much-debated issue. This volume explains the reasons for the interest in this, at times troublesome, relationships between science and public opinion which characterize democratic societies.
CILT 343

Sociocultural Dimensions of Lexis and Text in the History of English

Edited by Peter Petré, Hubert Cuyckens and Frauke D'hoedt
Expected August 2018. viii, 252 pp. + index
This volume examines how the sociohistorical and cultural context may influence structural features of lexis and text types. Attention is paid to social ‘labels’ and attitudes, thereby focusing on their dynamic and historical dimension, in order to explain morphological, lexical, and textual changes that would otherwise be hard to account for.
Impact 45

The Sociolinguistics of Place and Belonging: Perspectives from the margins

Edited by Leonie Cornips and Vincent A. de Rooij
Expected March 2018. vi, 291 pp.
This volume shows the relevance of the concepts of ‘place’ and ‘belonging’ for understanding the dynamics of identification through language.
Impact 46

Spanish in Colombia and New York City: Language contact meets dialectal convergence

Rafael Orozco
Expected March 2018. xv, 193 pp.
This volume fills a void in language variation and change research. It is the first to provide an empirical, comparative study of Spanish in Colombia and New York City.

Speaking in a Second Language

Edited by Rosa Alonso Alonso
Expected May 2018. xii, 240 pp. + index
The book provides a novel approach to the study of speaking in a second language by combining recent findings in usage-based linguistics with current issues in teaching.

Studies in Historical Ibero-Romance Morpho-Syntax

Edited by Miriam Bouzouita, Ioanna Sitaridou and Enrique Pato
Expected June 2018. vi, 335 pp. + index
This volume features fourteen papers by leading specialists on various aspects of historical morpho-syntax in the Ibero-Romance languages. In these papers, fine-grained analyses are developed to capture the richness of undiscussed or —often— previously unknown data.
SCL 83

Tag Questions in Conversation: A typology of their interactional and stance meanings

Ditte Kimps
Expected April 2018. xviii, 246 pp. + index
This monograph deals with variable tag questions. These are utterances with a variable interrogative tag, like It's peculiar writing, isn't it, and the semi-variable tag innit, such as Nice, innit. The aim is to provide a corpus-based, comprehensive semantic-pragmatic typology of British English tag questions.

Task-Based Approaches to Teaching and Assessing Pragmatics

Edited by Naoko Taguchi and YouJin Kim
Expected August 2018. x, 320 pp. + index
This volume is the first book-length attempt to bring together the fields of task-based language teaching (TBLT) and second language pragmatics by exploring how the teaching and assessment of pragmatics can be integrated into TBLT.
TSL 121

Typological Hierarchies in Synchrony and Diachrony

Edited by Sonia Cristofaro and Fernando Zúñiga
Expected May 2018. vi, 426 pp. + index
The book will be of interest not only to the broad typological community, but also historical linguists, cognitive linguists, and psycholinguists.
NSS 29

Untersuchungen zu den Gründungsdokumenten der färöischen Rechtschreibung: Ein Beitrag zur nordischen Schriftgeschichte

Christer Lindqvist
Expected April 2018. xx, 290 pp. + index
Modern Faroese spelling did not emerge from centuries of literary tradition, but was re-created mainly in the 19th century. Its founding documents consist of four spells written in a relatively orthophone spelling. Prior to their publication in 1864, these were converted into a spelling with orthographic depth along diachronic lines.
BSP 59

Veritas et subtilitas: Truth and Subtlety in the History of Philosophy. Essays in memory of Burkhard Mojsisch (1944-2015)

Edited by Tengiz Iremadze and Udo Reinhold Jeck
Expected August 2018. ix, 457 pp. + index
s collection includes highly qualified papers on ancient, medieval and early modern philosophy, and demonstrates the importance of the historical research of philosophy at the beginning of the 21st century and its current trends.

Words of Crisis as Words of Power: The jeremiad in American presidential speeches

Marta Neüff
Expected April 2018. vii, 410 pp. + index
The volume explores crisis rhetoric in contemporary U.S. American presidential speechmaking. It will be of interest to students and scholars of presidential rhetoric, political communication, sociolinguistics and cultural studies.

Writing Systems, Reading Processes, and Cross-Linguistic Influences: Reflections from the Chinese, Japanese and Korean Languages

Edited by Hye K. Pae
Expected August 2018. xii, 458 pp. + index
This book provides readers with a unique array of scholarly reflections on the writing systems of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in relation to reading processes and data-driven interpretations of cross-language transfer.