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LA 262
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Thetics and Categoricals

Edited by Werner Abraham, Elisabeth Leiss and Yasuhiro Fujinawa
Expected July 2020. vii, 390 pp.
Contributions in this volume not only guide the reader through the history of philosophical logic and distributions of impersonals in contrast to Kantian categorical sentences, but also the correspondences in Japanese and Chinese... read more
CILT 350
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Historical Linguistics 2017
Selected papers from the 23rd International Conference on Historical Linguistics, San Antonio, Texas, 31 July – 4 August 2017

Edited by Bridget Drinka
Expected July 2020. xi, 495 pp.
The collected articles in this volume address an array of cutting-edge issues in the field of historical linguistics, including new theoretical approaches and innovative methodologies for studying language through a diachronic... read more
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Amazonian Spanish
Language contact and evolution

Edited by Stephen Fafulas
Expected July 2020. viii, 303 pp.
Amazonian Spanish: Language contact and evolution explores the unique origins, linguistic features, and geo-political situation of the Spanish that has emerged in the Amazon.
SLCS 215
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Morphological Complexity within and across Boundaries
In honour of Asli Göksel

Edited by Aslı Gürer, Dilek Uygun-Gökmen and Balkız Öztürk
Expected July 2020. vi, 421 pp.
This volume brings together a collection of original articles investigating state-of-the-art themes in morphology. The papers in the volume provide an in-depth analysis for spoken and sign languages within morphological word... read more
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The Language of Crisis
Metaphors, frames and discourses

Edited by Mimi Huang and Lise-Lotte Holmgreen
Expected July 2020. viii, 309 pp.
The chapters in this volume present original concepts, approaches, authentic data and findings of crisis discourses in a wide range of organisational, political and personal contexts that affect a diverse body of language users... read more
CILT 351
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Advances in Iranian Linguistics

Edited by Richard K. Larson, Sedigheh Moradi and Vida Samiian
Expected July 2020. vi, 309 pp. + index
The papers in this volume illustrate the range of frameworks, diverse areas of research and how the boundaries of linguistic analysis of Iranian languages have expanded over the years. They address research and methodological... read more
TSL 128
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The ‘Noun Phrase’ across Languages
An emergent unit in interaction

Edited by Tsuyoshi Ono and Sandra A. Thompson
Expected July 2020. vi, 366 pp.
The chapters in this volume examine the NP in ordinary interactions from diverse languages, including little-studied languages as well as better-researched ones, in a variety of interactional settings.
Z 229
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Professional Development in Applied Linguistics
A guide to success for graduate students and early career faculty

Edited by Luke Plonsky
Expected July 2020. vi, 204 pp.
This book seeks to consolidate and demystify critical and often-misunderstood aspects of professional development in the context of applied linguistics.
Z 228
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Visual Linguistics with R
A practical introduction to quantitative Interactional Linguistics

Christoph Rühlemann
Expected July 2020. ix, 258 pp.
This book is a textbook on R, a programming language and environment for statistical analysis and visualization.
LA 261
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Syntactic and Semantic Variation in Copular Sentences
Insights from Classical Hebrew

Daniel J. Wilson
Expected July 2020. xvi, 159 pp.
This book presents a novel account of syntactic and semantic variation in copular and existential sentences in Classical Hebrew
SiGL 4
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Norwegian Verb Particles

Leiv Inge Aa
Expected August 2020. ix, 184 pp.
This book investigates the syntax and semantics of Norwegian verb particles. The book combines traditional dialectology with modern linguistic theories and includes much Norwegian data that has not been shed theoretical light on... read more
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Figurative Meaning Construction in Thought and Language

Edited by Annalisa Baicchi
Expected August 2020. vii, 311 pp.
This volume brings together twelve usage-based studies conducted by leading researchers in language and cognition that explore core issues of figurativeness from the Cognitive Linguistics perspective.
P&bns 312
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Manners, Norms and Transgressions in the History of English
Literary and linguistic approaches

Edited by Andreas H. Jucker and Irma Taavitsainen
Expected August 2020. viii, 298 pp.
This volume traces the multifaceted concept of manners in the history of English from the late medieval through the early and late modern periods right up to the present day.
SiHoLS 128
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Last Papers in Linguistic Historiography

E.F.K. Koerner
Expected August 2020. viii, 213 pp. + index
This volume brings together what has occupied the author during his many years as editor of Historiographia Linguistica. Namely, how the history of linguistics has developed into a major field of scholarly research, and that the... read more
HCP 69
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Broader Perspectives on Motion Event Descriptions

Edited by Yo Matsumoto and Kazuhiro Kawachi
Expected August 2020. ix, 318 pp. + index
In this volume, the contributors present their research results concerning motion event descriptions in the languages that they investigate.
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Spanish Phonetics and Phonology in Contact
Studies from Africa, the Americas, and Spain

Edited by Rajiv Rao
Expected August 2020. x, 450 pp. + index
Spanish Phonetics and Phonology in Contact: Studies from Africa, the Americas, and Spain brings together scholars working on a wide range of aspects of the Spanish sound system and how their coexistence with... read more
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Variation and Evolution
Aspects of language contact and contrast across the Spanish-speaking world

Edited by Sandro Sessarego, Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana and Adrián Rodríguez-Riccelli
Expected August 2020. viii, 273 pp. + index
This book is a collection of original studies analyzing how different internal and external factors affect Spanish language variation and evolution across a number of (socio)linguistic scenarios.
BCT 109
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Approaches to Learning, Testing and Researching L2 Vocabulary

Edited by Stuart Webb
Expected August 2020. v, 234 pp.
Together, the chapters in this volume highlight innovation in vocabulary studies and many directions for researching, testing, and learning words. Originally published as special issue of ITL – International Journal of Applied... read more
P&bns 311
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Politeness in Professional Contexts

Edited by Dawn Archer, Karen Grainger and Piotr Jagodziński
Expected September 2020. vi, 320 pp. + index
The authors take a broad, yet theoretically underpinned, definition of politeness and use it to help explain, analyse and inform professional interactions. They demonstrate the importance of understanding how interactions are... read more
BCT 110
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Teacher Development for Immersion and Content-Based Instruction

Edited by Laurent Cammarata and T.J. Ó Ceallaigh
Expected September 2020. vi, 202 pp. + index
Aimed at a broad audience, this timely volume is essential reading for anyone interested in knowing what research has to say about teacher development in the I/B and CBLE field. Originally published as special issue of Journal of... read more
LIS 35
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The Expression of Tense, Aspect, Modality and Evidentiality in Albert Camus’s L'Étranger and Its Translations / L'Étranger de Camus et ses traductions : questions de temps, d'aspect, de modalité et d'évidentialité (TAME)
An empirical study / Etude empirique

Edited by Eric Corre, Danh Thành Do-Hurinville and Huy Linh Dao
Expected September 2020. ix, 379 pp. + index
This book deals with the linguistic treatment of tense-aspect-modal-evidential (TAME) expressions in translations of the French novel L’Étranger by Albert Camus into sixteen languages. It is strongly empirical in spirit, and uses... read more
CAL 28
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Frame-Constructional Verb Classes
Change and Theft verbs in English and German

Ryan Dux
Expected September 2020. viii, 318 pp. + index
This book presents a novel approach to verb classes, employing a bottom-up, corpus-based methodology and combining key insights Frame Semantics, Construction Grammar, and Valency Grammar.
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World Englishes on the Web
The Nigerian diaspora in the USA

Mirka Honkanen
Expected September 2020. vii, 334 pp. + index
World Englishes on the Web focuses on linguistic practices at the intersection of international migration and social media, examining the language repertoires of Nigerians living in the United States, and their... read more
TiLAR 27
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Current Perspectives on Child Language Acquisition
How children use their environment to learn

Edited by Caroline F. Rowland, Anna L. Theakston, Ben Ambridge and Katherine E. Twomey
Expected September 2020. ix, 320 pp. + index
A collection of essays written by a group of researchers who all take an approach centered on child-environment interaction, and all of whom have been influenced by the work of Elena Lieven, to whom this collection is dedicated.
LL&LT 55
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Languaging in Language Learning and Teaching
A collection of empirical studies

Edited by Wataru Suzuki and Neomy Storch
Expected September 2020. vi, 307 pp. + index
This book is the first to bring together a collection of recent empirical studies investigating languaging, an important construct first introduced by Swain in 2006 but which has since been deployed in a growing number of L2... read more
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Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 16
Selected papers from the 47th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Newark, Delaware

Edited by Irene Vogel
Expected September 2020. vi, 273 pp. + index
Alongside investigations of linguistic phenomena in standard Romance language varieties, other contributions address less well-studied, minority, and endangered varieties (e.g., Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Galician,... read more
BCT 112
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How the Brain Got Language – Towards a New Road Map

Edited by Michael A. Arbib
Expected October 2020. vii, 393 pp.
How did humans evolve biologically so that our brains and social interactions could support language processes, and how did cultural evolution lead to the invention of languages (signed as well as spoken)? This book addresses... read more
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Language Policy in Business
Discourse, ideology and practice

Elisabeth Barakos
Expected October 2020. xv, 189 pp. + index
Language Policy in Business: Discourse, ideology and practice provides a critical sociolinguistic and discursive understanding of language policy in a minority language context, focusing on Welsh-English... read more
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The Multilingual Challenge for the Construction and Transmission of Scientific Knowledge

Anne-Claude Berthoud and Laurent Gajo
Expected October 2020. vii, 155 pp. + index
In this book, it is shown how multilingualism can open different perspectives and improve the quality of knowledge by offering an antidote to the squeezing out of different academic and scientific cultures.
CILT 352
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Perfects in Indo-European Languages and Beyond

Edited by Robert Crellin and Thomas Jügel
Expected October 2020. xiv, 667 pp. + index
This volume provides a detailed investigation of perfects from all the branches of the Indo-European language family. The cross-linguistic perspective and the inclusion of contributions beyond the boundaries of the IE family per... read more
BCT 113
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Diachronic Treebanks for Historical Linguistics

Edited by Hanne Martine Eckhoff, Silvia Luraghi and Marco Passarotti
Expected October 2020. v, 148 pp.+ index
Diachronic treebanks allow for a new approach to diachronic studies of syntactic phenomena. These papers report research on various diachronic matters supported such by evidence, covering a wide range of languages, including... read more
Z 230
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T. Givón
Expected October 2020. xi, 288 pp. + index
Coherence, connectivity and the fitting together of smaller parts into larger structures and a coherent whole is the hallmark of complex biologically-based systems.
BTL 153
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Opera in Translation
Unity and diversity

Edited by Adriana Şerban and Kelly Kar Yue Chan
Expected October 2020. vii, 363 pp. + index
This volume covers aspects of opera translation within the Western world and in Asia, as well as some of opera’s many travels between continents, countries, languages and cultures—and also between genres and media.
CoLL 57
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Advances in Contact Linguistics
In honour of Pieter Muysken

Edited by Norval Smith, Tonjes Veenstra and Enoch Oladé Aboh
Expected October 2020. ix, 390 pp.+ index
This book contains twelve articles that discuss specific aspects of Contact Linguistics.
CLU 22
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Metasex – The Discourse of Intimacy and Transgression

Anne Storch and Nico Nassenstein
Expected October 2020. ix, 130 pp. + index
This study focuses on the language around sexuality and discourses about sex, labeled by the authors as metasex, from a broad crosslinguistic perspective.
CVS 16
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Controversies and Interdisciplinarity
Beyond disciplinary fragmentation for a new knowledge model

Edited by Jens Allwood, Olga Pombo, Clara Renna and Giovanni Scarafile
Expected November 2020. vi, 277 pp. + index
From ethics to science, from communication to medicine, from climate change to human evolution the volume Controversies and Interdisciplinarity offers a series of original insights beyond disciplinary fragmentation for a new... read more
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Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXXII
Papers selected from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Tempe, Arizona, 2018

Edited by Elly van Gelderen
Expected November 2020. v, 172 pp. + index
This volume presents a collection of seven peer-reviewed articles on Arabic phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and applied linguistics, using data from Standard Arabic, as well as from Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and... read more
P&bns 314
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Bonding through Context
Language and interactional alignment in Japanese situated discourse

Edited by Risako Ide and Kaori Hata
Expected November 2020. vi, 285 pp. + index
This book examines the linguistic and interactional mechanisms through which people bond or feel bonded with one another by analyzing situated discourse in Japanese contexts.
BCT 111
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Audiovisual Translation in Applied Linguistics
Educational perspectives

Edited by Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin, Jennifer Lertola and Noa Talaván
Expected September 2020. v, 205 pp. + index
This volume looks at a different application of AVT, with learners involved in the audiovisual translation process itself, performing tasks such as subtitling, dubbing, or audio describing. Originally published as special issue... read more
P&bns 315
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Fixed Expressions
Building language structure and social action

Edited by Ritva Laury and Tsuyoshi Ono
Expected November 2020. v, 236 pp. + index
This volume concerns the structure and use of fixed expressions in a range of typologically, genetically and areally distinct languages. The chapters consider the use contexts of fixed expressions, at the same time taking... read more
P&bns 313
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Complimenting Behaviour and (Self-)Praise across Social Media
New contexts and new insights

Edited by María Elena Placencia and Zohreh R. Eslami
Expected November 2020. xi, 309 pp. + index
The present volume focuses on complimenting behavior, including the awarding of (self-)praise, as manifested on social media.
LA 263
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Beyond Emotions in Language
Psychological verbs at the interfaces

Edited by Bozena Rozwadowska and Anna Bondaruk
Expected November 2020. xiii, 318 pp. + index
This book sheds new light on the puzzle of psychological predicates in a cross-linguistic perspective by looking at them from a variety of angles at the interfaces between event structure, lexical and viewpoint aspect, syntax and... read more
BTL 154
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Translation in Knowledge, Knowledge in Translation

Edited by Rocío Gutierrez Sumillera, Jan Surman and Katharina Kühn
Expected November 2020. vi, 268 pp. + index
This volume explores the intersection between Translation Studies and History and Philosophy of Science to shed light on the workings of scientific communities, the dissemination of knowledge across languages and cultures, and... read more
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Analysing Chinese Language and Discourse across Layers and Genres

Edited by Wei Wang
Expected November 2020. xiii, 231 pp. + index
This book examines contemporary Chinese language and discourse across a spectrum of linguistic layers and genres in diverse social contexts.
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Typical and Impaired Processing in Morphosyntax

Edited by Vincent Torrens
Expected December 2020. vi, 302 pp. + index
The present volume presents research on language processing and language disorders. It covers topics ranging across typical language processing, child developmental language disorders, adult neurodegenerative disorders and... read more