Most of our books are also available as e-books, in PDF and — for recent books — in ePub format.

In addition to single titles, we offer various options for frontlist and backlist collections, or Evidence-based acquisition (EBA).

We are also happy to discuss custom selections or replacement of print backlist with discounts.

Please contact us at bookorder at benjamins.nl .

JB e-Platform

On our own JB e-Platform our e-books can be bought directly on the platform via credit card payment, through the Benjamins order handling department for invoicing, or through GOBI, Proquest Rialto or Proquest OASIS.

E-book vendors

In addition, our e-books are available through these library vendor platforms:
EBSCOHost; Proquest; CEPIEC; CNPIEC; Gardners; IG Publishing; Kortext; Torrossa (Casalini Libri/Erasmus)
And through the following end-user platforms: eBooks.com; Google Play .

E-book pricing

For those titles where the printed book is available in a hardbound and a paperback edition, we offer price differentiation for the e-book as well (only on those platforms where it is relevant and technically possible). In those cases, the e-book price is equivalent to the paperback for private purchase (single user, password login); for institutional purchase (multi-user, IP range etc.) the e-book has a price that is the equivalent of the hardbound edition. For books that have only one edition and one price in print, the e-book also has only one price.

Open Access e-books

The number of Open Access e-books has increased in recent years.


John Benjamins Publishing Company has an agreement in place with Portico for the archiving of all its online journals and e-books.