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SiHoLS 127
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History of Linguistics 2017
Selected papers from the 14th International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences, (ICHoLS 14), Paris, 28 August – 1 September

Edited by Émilie Aussant and Jean-Michel Fortis
May 2020. xviii, 245 pp.
A selection of papers from the 14th International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (Paris 2017). The volume is divided thematically into three parts: I. Notions and categories, II. Representations and... read more
SiBil 59
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Lost in Transmission
The role of attrition and input in heritage language development

Edited by Bernhard Brehmer and Jeanine Treffers-Daller
May 2020. vii, 276 pp.
This volume makes a key contribution to the description and explanation of variability in the outcomes of heritage language acquisition, taking into account a wide range of factors which impact on language acquisition.
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Computational Phraseology

Edited by Gloria Corpas Pastor and Jean-Pierre Colson
May 2020. xi, 327 pp.
In recent years, an increasing number of studies dealt with the computational treatment of multiword expressions: identification, extraction, translation, and the role they play in Natural Language Processing applications. This... read more
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Performing Metaphoric Creativity across Modes and Contexts

Edited by Laura Hidalgo-Downing and Blanca Kraljevic Mujic
May 2020. xi, 346 pp.
The present volume offers a space for the interdisciplinary discussion of the relationship between metaphor and creativity by focusing on (re)contextualization across modes and socio-cultural contexts and on the performative... read more
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The Middle Voice in Baltic

Axel Holvoet
May 2020. xvii, 250 pp.
The fifth volume in the VARGReB series is a monograph presenting a collection of studies on middle-voice grams in Baltic, that is, on a widely ramified family of constructions with different syntactic and semantic properties but... read more
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A Language Management Approach to Language Problems
Integrating macro and micro dimensions

Edited by Goro Christoph Kimura and Lisa Fairbrother
May 2020. ix, 273 pp.
Language Management Theory (LMT) provides a framework to address behaviour towards language problems on different levels explicitly and comprehensively. Using LMT as a unifying theoretical concept, this volume examines the links... read more
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Hispanic Linguistics
Current issues and new directions

Edited by Alfonso Morales-Front, Michael J. Ferreira, Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz
May 2020. vi, 344 pp.
This volume addresses a wide range of phenomena including intonation, restructuring, clitic climbing, aspectual structure, subject focus marking, code-switching, lenition, loanwords, and heritage learning that are central in... read more
ILL 17
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Operationalizing Iconicity

Edited by Pamela Perniss, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg
May 2020. xii, 331 pp.
The present volume, divided into four sections, brings together and unifies different perspectives on iconicity.
LA 260
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Brazilian Portuguese, Syntax and Semantics
20 years of Núcleo de Estudos Gramaticais

Edited by Roberta Pires De Oliveira, Ina Emmel and Sandra Quarezemin
May 2020. ix, 216 pp.
The volume contributes to Brazilian and Portuguese Linguistics, as well as to general and contemporary research on syntax and semantics of natural languages.
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Relevance Theory, Figuration, and Continuity in Pragmatics

Edited by Agnieszka Piskorska
May 2020. vii, 357 pp.
The chapters in this volume apply the methodology of relevance theory to develop accounts of various pragmatic phenomena which can be associated with the broadly conceived notion of style.
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Canvi lingüístic, estandardització i identitat en català / Linguistic Change, Standardization and Identity in Catalan

Edited by Hans-Ingo Radatz
May 2020. xvii, 190 pp.
The multiplicity of parallel identities is a phenomenon in which our individual identitary choices merge with diverse collective identities. This volume is a contribution to the field of Identity Studies from a linguistic... read more
LA 259
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Silently Structured Silent Argument

Yuta Sakamoto
May 2020. xiii, 266 pp.
This book is concerned with a particular instance of silence in natural languages, what is called radical pro-drop, showing that it is silently structured on the basis of novel data from Japanese as well as Chinese, Korean,... read more
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Language Processing in Advanced Learners of English
A multi-method approach to collocation based on corpus linguistic and experimental data

Marco Schilk
May 2020. xvii, 293 pp.
This book proposes an integration of corpus-based and experimental methods by analysing language processing of collocation by advanced learners of English.
CAL 27
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Nodes and Networks in Diachronic Construction Grammar

Edited by Lotte Sommerer and Elena Smirnova
May 2020. vi, 355 pp.
This volume brings together ten contributions by leading experts who present their current usage-based research in Diachronic Construction Grammar.
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Mobilizing Others
Grammar and lexis within larger activities

Edited by Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm, Emma Betz and Peter Golato
May 2020. vi, 285 pp.
Drawing on studies from a variety of different languages and settings, the collected studies in this volume illustrate how interactants design their turns not only for specific recipients, but also for a specific interactional... read more
P&bns 309
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Errors and Interaction
A cognitive ethnography of emergency medicine

Sarah Bro Trasmundi
May 2020. xii, 246 pp.
Trasmundi combines her background as a cognitive ethnographer with theory of radical embodied cognition and interaction to investigate how healthcare practitioners manage cognitive events in patient treatment and diagnosing that... read more
Z 227
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Historical Linguistics
A cognitive grammar introduction

Margaret E. Winters
May 2020. xvii, 241 pp.
This textbook serves a dual purpose. It is, first, a comprehensive introduction to historical linguistics, intended for both undergraduate and graduate students who have taken, at the least, an introductory course in linguistics.