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Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


The aim of this chapter is to investigate how racio-national discourse influences the way migrants perceive themselves and frame their trajectories in the host community. Within a CDA framework, we analyze an article written by a young migrant and published in a Greek newspaper of leftwing and… read more
Archakis, Argiris and Villy Tsakona 2024 Chapter 1. Antiracist and racist discourse as antagonistic and overlappingExploring the Ambivalence of Liquid Racism: In between antiracist and racist discourse, Archakis, Argiris and Villy Tsakona (eds.), pp. 1–40 | Chapter
This editorial presents the theoretical background underpinning all the chapters of the volume, which are part of a research project aiming at identifying the ways racist discourse infiltrates antiracist discourse. More specifically, it elaborates on the concepts of discourse, racist discourse,… read more
Karachaliou, Rania, Vasia Tsami, Alexis Lazanas and Argiris Archakis 2024 Chapter 2. Racist discourses of discrimination and assimilation in an antiracist corpusExploring the Ambivalence of Liquid Racism: In between antiracist and racist discourse, Archakis, Argiris and Villy Tsakona (eds.), pp. 41–70 | Chapter
Racist views against migrants are not only disseminated via hate speech, which overtly demonizes the ‘foreigners’, but also via antiracist discourse, which, although designed to fight racism, may end up reproducing inequalities. This ambiguity is captured in the concept of liquid racism (Weaver… read more
Following the multiliteracies model (Kalantzis and Cope 2012a), we design a critical teaching proposal focusing on migrant/refugee jokes. Although these jokes have an antiracist intention, they end up reproducing racist views, bringing to the surface a modern and subtle kind of racism, i.e.… read more
Our study draws on the interaction between the micro-level of individual discursive choices and the macro-level of discourses. Having at our disposal narratives by immigrant students in Greece, we highlight the continuum of identities observed. For the investigation of immigrant students’… read more
Archakis, Argiris and Villy Tsakona 2021 Greek migrant jokes online: A diachronic-comparative study on racist humorous representationsPragmatics, Humour and the Internet, Yus, Francisco (ed.), pp. 28–51 | Article
This study adheres to critical humor studies investigating how humor targeting the migrant ‘Other’ may reproduce social inequalities in the form of racist stereotypes. We examine two datasets of online migrant-targeting jokes from two different time periods in Greece. Our first collection of… read more
Tsakona, Villy, Rania Karachaliou and Argiris Archakis 2020 Liquid racism in the Greek anti-racist campaign #StopMindBordersDiscourses of aggression in Greek digitally-mediated communication, Hatzidaki, Ourania and Ioannis E. Saridakis (eds.), pp. 232–261 | Article
This study examines the opaque reproduction of racism in an online, anti-racist campaign officially aiming to denounce hate speech and challenge widespread stereotypes concerning migrants. In particular, we investigate the video clips of the #StopMindBorders campaign launched by the Greek branch… read more
Racism as a means for accomplishing homogeneity is at the center of this study which draws on Critical Discourse Analysis and focuses on descriptions of racist behaviors included in immigrant students’ school essays. We investigate how the dominant assimilative and homogenizing discourse… read more
In this paper we intend to show that conflict emerging from multiple and competing perspectives on social reality, may not necessarily be avoided in class, but it could instead become the starting point of critical discussions among teachers and students. To this end, we focus on the… read more
Karachaliou, Rania and Argiris Archakis 2018 Chapter 2. Reactions to jab lines in conversational storytellingThe Dynamics of Interactional Humor: Creating and negotiating humor in everyday encounters, Tsakona, Villy and Jan Chovanec (eds.), pp. 29–56 | Chapter
The aim of this paper is to explore the multiple ways interlocutors negotiate humor in a conversational narrative. In particular, we examine the methodic strategies story recipients employ to respond to jab lines, namely humorous parts of the story that include a script opposition (Attardo, 2001a).… read more
Karachaliou, Rania and Argiris Archakis 2015 Identity construction patterns via swearing: Evidence from Greek teenage storytellingPragmatics and Society 6:3, pp. 421–443 | Article
In this paper we analyze the use of swearwords in Greek teenage storytelling. Our research is based on the analysis of conversational narratives that occurred in two conversations between male adolescents who belong to different social groups. Our analysis shows that the use of swearing in the… read more
The present paper concentrates on the narrative management of the teacher-student relationship. Focusing on students’ identities, the present study draws upon the social constructionism paradigm, thus considering identities as social constructs via discourse. The analysis of representative… read more
Rather than a one-to-one correspondence between varieties and contexts, hybridity is often observed in communicative settings due to the plurality of sociolinguistic resources speakers draw upon to shape the particular style of talk which will best serve their communicative intent. This seems to be… read more
Archakis, Argiris and Angeliki Tzanne 2009 Constructing social identities through story- telling: Tracing Greekness in Greek narrativesLanguage, discourse and identities: Snapshot from Greek contexts, Georgakopoulou, Alexandra and Vally Lytra (eds.), pp. 341–360 | Article
The present paper is concerned with the narratives produced in the conversations of six young people in Greece. Drawing on the broader framework of Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics as well as on the Social Constructionist paradigm, our paper follows the line of research that focuses on… read more
Archakis, Argiris and Dimitris Papazachariou 2009 On young women's prosodic construction of identity: Evidence from Greek conversational narrativesYoungspeak in a Multilingual Perspective, Stenström, Anna-Brita and Annette Myre Jørgensen (eds.), pp. 13–29 | Article
This paper is part of a wider research on the prosodic devices used in the production of stretches of direct speech embedded in Greek young women’s narratives. Drawing on the broader framework of Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics as well as on recent developments in the theory of prosody and… read more
The present paper aims, first, at analysing how and why parliamentary debates are transformed into newspaper articles with a narrative-like format; and, second, at proposing a model for integrating this kind of material and analysis into a literacy-based language teaching programme. Our data… read more
The present paper is a study of narrative and its relation to the construction of conflicting identities in interaction. The paper is concerned with a group of young Greeks who categorise themselves as members of a particular subculture, but also construct a number of other, often conflicting,… read more