Andrea Pizarro Pedraza

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrea Pizarro Pedraza plays a role.


De Cock, Barbara and Andrea Pizarro Pedraza 2020 Any #JesuisIraq planned?*: Claiming affective displays for forgotten placesNetworked Practices of Emotion and Stancetaking in Reactions to Mediatized Events and Crises, Giaxoglou, Korina and Marjut Johansson (eds.), pp. 201–221 | Article
The stem #jesuis followed by a toponym (e.g. #jesuisParis) has proved to be very productive in the gathering of affective publics (Papacharissi 2015) around causes of mourning, after terrorist attacks and other disasters. However, not all attacks have given rise to such massive affective use of… read more
De Cock, Barbara, Aurélie Marsily, Andrea Pizarro Pedraza y Marie Rasson 2018 ¿Quién atenúa y cuándo en español? La atenuación en función del género discursivoEstrategias atenuantes en géneros discursivos del español: Interfaz semántico-pragmática, Albelda Marco, Marta (ed.), pp. 305–324 | Article
En este análisis, abordamos la atenuación en español desde la variación entre géneros discursivos orales (conversaciones, interacciones en clase, debates parlamentarios y entrevistas sociolingüísticas). Basándonos en el análisis de Briz (2007) de la atenuación en conversaciones informales y… read more
Pizarro Pedraza, Andrea and Barbara De Cock 2018 Taboo effects at the syntactic level: Reducing agentivity as a euphemistic strategyPragmatics 28:1, pp. 113–138 | Article
This paper analyses the linguistic resources used by speakers to profile the participants in taboo actions, focusing on expressions for the concept abortar 'to abort' in Spanish sociolinguistic interviews. The tokens referring to the action are analysed in terms of linguistic features that… read more