Carmen Muñoz

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The present study aims at analyzing the effects of pragmatic instruction through captioned audiovisual input on pragmatic performance by learners of different ages. The participants were 40 intermediate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners, 20 children and 20 adults, who were distributed… read more
This exploratory study investigates the effects of imagery on word learning through audio-visual input. A total of 82 adolescent EFL learners were exposed to 8 episodes of a TV series under four conditions, depending on the language of the on-screen text (L1 or L2) and whether they were… read more
Muñoz, Carmen 2022 Audiovisual input in L2 learningLanguage, Interaction and Acquisition 13:1, pp. 125–143 | Article
This article provides an overview of research showing the advantages of audiovisual input in enhancing second/foreign language learning. It reviews the theoretical frameworks that explain the processing of audiovisual input and its language learning outcomes, presents the multimodal complexity… read more
In many contexts learners are enriching their limited contact with the foreign language in the classroom with unlimited contact outside the classroom thanks to the easy and immediate availability of the Internet and digital media. This study aimed to document the characteristics of the contact… read more
Suárez, Maria del Mar and Carmen Muñoz 2011 Aptitude, age and cognitive development: The MLAT-E in Spanish and CatalanEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 11 (2011), Roberts, Leah, Gabriele Pallotti and Camilla Bettoni (eds.), pp. 5–29 | Article
In the validation studies of the Modern Language Aptitude Test-Elementary (MLAT-E) (Carroll & Sapon 1967) and its Spanish version, the MLAT-ES (Stansfield & Reed 2005), the total scores across grades increase unsteadily. At no point, though, has this increase been discussed. Similar results are… read more
The present paper deals with second language learning in an increasingly common type of situation: the one encountered by children of families that move to a different country for a limited period of time. These children enjoy a learning experience that provides them with a naturalistic setting… read more
Muñoz, Carmen and David Singleton 2007 Foreign accent in advanced learners: Two successful profilesEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 7 (2007), Roberts, Leah, Ayşe Gürel, Sibel Tatar and Leyla Martı (eds.), pp. 171–190 | Article
Research has generally found age of learning (AOL) (i.e., age of initial significant L2 exposure) to predict degree of foreign accent (FA), while length of residence (LOR) has sometimes been seen as simply a corollary of AOL. The subjects in the present study were twelve late L2 learners of English… read more
Muñoz, Carmen and Elsa Tragant 2001 Motivation and attitudes towards L2: Some effects of age and instructionEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 1 (2001), Foster-Cohen, Susan H. and Anna Nizegorodcew (eds.), pp. 211–224 | Article
This paper analyses the answers to a questionnaire in which learners of different age-groups and different proficiency levels were asked about their attitudes and types of motivation towards the L2 (EFL). First, motivation is seen to increase with school experience. Second, the younger learners… read more