Mathew Gillings

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mathew Gillings plays a role.


Gillings, Mathew 2024 Chapter 3. Politics, religion, and drama: Exploring the metapragmatics of hypocrisyThe Pragmatics of Hypocrisy, Sorlin, Sandrine and Tuija Virtanen (eds.), pp. 44–73 | Chapter
This chapter explores the metapragmatics of hypocrisy by taking a corpus-based approach to analysis. Specifically, the paper focuses on examining which social actors are labelled as hypocrites, what situations accusations of hypocrisy tend to occur in, and how language is used to construct… read more
Concordance analysis is widely recognised as one of the main techniques in a corpus linguist’s toolkit. However, despite a growing body of work critically exploring previously unquestioned mainstays of corpus methods (Mautner, 2015; Taylor & Marchi, 2018), this has not focused on concordance… read more