Janire Zalbidea

List of John Benjamins publications for which Janire Zalbidea plays a role.


Zalbidea, Janire and Bernard Issa 2023 Chapter 2. Quantitative approaches in L2 research abroadMethods in Study Abroad Research: Past, present, and future, Pérez-Vidal, Carmen and Cristina Sanz (eds.), pp. 33–58 | Chapter
This chapter provides an overview and discussion of quantitative research designs that investigate learning outcomes in immersion settings abroad. We begin with a brief introduction to the underlying assumptions, key concepts, and overarching goals of quantitative research approaches for… read more
The study reported in this chapter investigated the extent to which task modality can impact L2 learners’ (a) noticing of the target form, (b) target form incorporation, and (c) perceptions of task-induced demands in a grammar-focused task. Using a mixed-methods approach, three sources of… read more