Monica Mosca

List of John Benjamins publications for which Monica Mosca plays a role.


Cognitive linguists traditionally view the evolution of motion constructions from Latin to Italian as a typological change from an S-framed to a V-framed language. Empirical data from some Late Latin travel reports and the Early Italian texts made available by the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano… read more
Mosca, Monica 2012 16. Italian motion constructions: Different functions of ‘particles’Space and Time in Languages and Cultures: Linguistic diversity, Filipović, Luna and Katarzyna M. Jaszczolt (eds.), pp. 373–394 | Article
This chapter addresses the variety of motion expressions in an intra-linguistic and diachronic perspective, focusing on the lexicalisation patterns of Path in Italian and on the problematic notion ‘satellite’. Some of the constructions observed in Italian are explained as a continuation from Latin,… read more