Frans Gregersen

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English in Nordic Universities: Ideologies and practices

Edited by Anna Kristina Hultgren, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen

[Studies in World Language Problems, 5] 2014. vi, 268 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Language policy | Language teaching | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | History of linguistics


The paper reports on a cross-linguistic study on speech data produced by monolingual and bilingual Dutch and Danish teenagers. The prediction that both monolingual and bilingual Danish youngsters show less variation in grammatical gender due to more morphological input cues for gender in Danish… read more
Jensen, Torben Juel and Frans Gregersen 2016 What do(es) you mean? the pragmatics of generic second person pronouns in modern spoken DanishThe referential ambiguity of personal pronouns and its pragmatic consequences, De Cock, Barbara and Bettina Kluge (eds.), pp. 417–446 | Article
In modern Danish, the most frequently used pronoun for generic reference is man, developed from the noun man(d) ‘man’. Recently, though, the second person singular pronoun du has gained ground, in parallel to similar recent developments in other languages. A large-scale, longitudinal study of the… read more
Gregersen, Frans 2014 Coding in time: On the historical character of linguistic knowledgeThe Sociolinguistics of Grammar, Åfarli, Tor A. and Brit Mæhlum (eds.), pp. 237–258 | Article
In this paper, I argue that linguistics is a historical science in more than one sense: Not only is the object, language, embedded in time, but so is the study of it. This has consequences for our conception of language change. A central result of previous sociolinguistic analyses of spoken… read more
Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen 2014 English at Nordic universities: Ideologies and practicesEnglish in Nordic Universities: Ideologies and practices, Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen (eds.), pp. 1–26 | Article
Gregersen, Frans and Inge Lise Pedersen 2000 A la Recherche du Word Order Not Quite PerduTextual Parameters in Older Languages, Herring, Susan C., Pieter van Reenen and Lene Schøsler (eds.), pp. 393 ff. | Article