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Cambodian: Khmer

John Haiman

Subjects Austro-Asian languages | Language documentation

Essays on Language Function and Language Type: Dedicated to T. Givón

Edited by Joan L. Bybee, John Haiman and Sandra A. Thompson

[Not in series, 82] 1997. vi, 480 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Theoretical linguistics | Typology

Clause Combining in Grammar and Discourse

Edited by John Haiman and Sandra A. Thompson

[Typological Studies in Language, 18] 1988. xiii, 428 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Languages of Trans-New Guinea


Haiman, John and Noeurng Ourn 2009 Decorative symmetry in ritual (and everyday) languageFormulaic Language: Volume 2. Acquisition, loss, psychological reality, and functional explanations, Corrigan, Roberta, Edith A. Moravcsik, Hamid Ouali and Kathleen Wheatley (eds.), pp. 567 ff. | Article
Haiman, John and Noeurng Ourn 2003 Nouns, verbs and syntactic backsliding in KhmerStudies in Language 27:3, pp. 505–528 | Article
One of the difficulties in parsing Khmer is that morphosyntactic clues about the category membership of words are either lacking or misleading. In particular, words which seem to have the status of deverbal nominalizations because of a derivational infix -Vm(n)- are in fact “still”functioning as… read more
One of the design features of language is its systematicity: to a considerable extent, the rules of grammar relate not to the world outside, but only to other rules. They exist in autonomy from external motivations. Subject-verb inversion in the Germanic languages as a marker of interrogatives is a… read more
Haiman, John and Tania Kuteva 2002 The symmetry of counterfactualsComplex Sentences in Grammar and Discourse: Essays in honor of Sandra A. Thompson, Bybee, Joan L. and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 101–124 | Article
Ourn, Noeurng and John Haiman 2000 Symmetrical Compounds in KhmerStudies in Language 24:3, pp. 483–514 | Article
Binomial coordinate compounds like English give and take are frequent in Khmer. Once the semantic motivation of these is opaque, the ones that survive are predominantly those which manifest some formal symmetry in the structure of their conjoined roots. The result is that Khmer has an enormous… read more
Haiman, John 1999 From doing to sayingEvolution of Communication 3:2, pp. 185–205 | Article
Exclamations, manners of speaking, performative verbs, and vocal gestures such as laughter frequently cannot be "translated" into propositional language without losing their identity as actions in some way. But not all exclamations, performatives, and vocal gestures are alike in this respect. Some… read more
Haiman, John 1999 Action, Speech, and Grammar: The Sublimation TrajectoryForm Miming Meaning, Nänny, Max and Olga Fischer (eds.), pp. 37 ff. | Article
Haiman, John 1999 Auxiliation in Khmer the Case of BaanStudies in Language 23:1, pp. 149–172 | Article
From a typological perspective, the most striking — and perhaps the only noteworthy — feature of the auxiliation of the main verb baan 'get' in Khmer is that it migrates from V2 to V1 position, contravening the general tendency for grammatical morphemes to remain frozen in the same position where… read more
Haiman, John 1998 Possible Origins of Infixation in KhmerStudies in Language 22:3, pp. 597–617 | Article
The existence of infixation in Austroasiatic has always been treated as a given: one of such antiquity that it has been proposed as a possible index of genetic affiliation with Austronesian. Nor does the comparative method allow the reconstruction of a typologically more plausible set of prefixes… read more
Haiman, John 1997 Self-Abasement in Language: A Case Study on the Viability of a MetaphorEssays on Language Function and Language Type: Dedicated to T. Givón, Bybee, Joan L., John Haiman and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 181 ff. | Article
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Haiman, John 1991 From V/2 to subject clitics: evidence from Northern ItalianApproaches to Grammaticalization: Volume II. Types of grammatical markers, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Bernd Heine (eds.), pp. 135 ff. | Article
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Haiman, John 1989 Alienation in GrammarStudies in Language 13:1, pp. 129–170 | Article
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