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Technology-mediated feedback and instruction

Edited by Hossein Nassaji and Eva Kartchava

Special issue of ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 170:2 (2019) v, 159 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Through the lens of Dörnyei’s (2005) Second Language Motivational Self System, this exploratory study focused on two groups of Canadian newcomers learning English in the traditional classroom setting (English as a Second Language [ESL]; n = 37) and the workplace (Workplace Language Training… read more
Kartchava, Eva and Hossein Nassaji 2019 The role of task repetition and learner self-assessment in technology-mediated task performanceTechnology-mediated feedback and instruction, Nassaji, Hossein and Eva Kartchava (eds.), pp. 180–203 | Article
This study examines the impact of task repetition on second language learners’ task performance and the mediating role of teacher feedback and learner self-assessment on oral performance. The study was conducted in a university-based English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, where, as part of… read more
Nassaji, Hossein and Eva Kartchava 2019 Technology-mediated feedback and instructionTechnology-mediated feedback and instruction, Nassaji, Hossein and Eva Kartchava (eds.), pp. 151–153 | Editorial