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In this paper I will examine a series of police interrogations in which various “bonding” strategies – typically linguistic “modality” and “person reference” in Japanese – are employed. The prosecution process in Japan is notorious for unduly allowing the police to extend the detention period… read more
Young Japanese women effectively construct and manipulate their emotive stances through the use of special pictorial signs and their graph(em)ic modifications in casual letter-writing among friends. To achieve this, the writers use a para-/metalinguistic and indexical means of “contextualization”… read more
Kataoka, Kuniyoshi 2003 Emotion and youth identities in personal letter writing: An analysis of pictorial signs and unconventional punctuationDiscourse Constructions of Youth Identities, Androutsopoulos, Jannis and Alexandra Georgakopoulou (eds.), pp. 121–149 | Article
Adamson, H.D., Bonnie B. Fonseca-Greber, Kuniyoshi Kataoka, Vincent Scardino and Shoji Takano 1996 Tense Marking in the English of Spanish-speaking AdolescentsSecond Language Acquisition and Linguistic Variation, Bayley, Robert and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 121 ff. | Article