Le Cheng

List of John Benjamins publications for which Le Cheng plays a role.



Gong, Mingyu, Winnie Cheng and Le Cheng 2020 Development of deontic modality in Chinese civil laws: A corpus studyPragmatics and Society 11:3, pp. 337–362 | Article
In legislative texts, deontic modality helps define rights, privileges, obligations, and responsibilities. Based on a corpus of Chinese civil laws from 1949 to 2015, the study investigates the development of deontic modality in Chinese civil legislative discourse and examines the variations of… read more
Pei, Jiamin and Le Cheng 2020 Mapping terminological variation and ideology in data protection lawsTerminology 26:2, pp. 159–183 | Article
This study aims to deal with the relationship between terminological variation and ideology by examining the system of terminology and the defined individual terms in data protection legislation. With two self-compiled corpora incorporating data protection laws in the United States and the… read more
Ni, Shifeng, Le Cheng and King Kui Sin 2010 Terminology evolution and legal development: A case study of Chinese legal terminologyTerminology 16:2, pp. 159–180 | Article
The present study deals with the relationship between terminology evolution and legal development. Altogether 100 Chinese legal terms are randomly collected from Chinese statutes in order to examine the legal development in China from 1912 to the present. The results demonstrate that terminology… read more
Cheng, Le and King Kui Sin 2008 A court judgment as dialogueDialogue and Rhetoric, Weigand, Edda (ed.), pp. 267–281 | Article
Dialogue is of cardinal importance in maintaining the interpersonal relationship between judges and facilitating judgment drafting as collaborative problem solving. It is also important for the check and balance between courts and the legislature. A court judgment can therefore be taken as a… read more
In 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson overturned two precedents, thus ending American women’s 50-year-old constitutional right to abortion. Drawing on Van Leeuwen’s legitimation framework and Labov’s model of narrative structure, this study focuses on how justices… read more