Taeho Jang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Taeho Jang plays a role.


Jang, Taeho and Thomas E. Payne 2014 Conspiring motivations for causative and passive isomorphism: Data from XibeOn Diversity and Complexity of Languages Spoken in Europe and North and Central Asia, Suihkonen, Pirkko and Lindsay J. Whaley (eds.), pp. 91–108 | Article
In many languages a single morphological category exists that expresses both causative and passive functions. Such “causative/passive isomorphism” appears anomalous from the point of view of much work in linguistic typology in that a causative is often considered a “valence increasing”… read more
Jang, Taeho and Thomas E. Payne 2012 Topic marking and the construction of narrative in XibeArgument Structure and Grammatical Relations: A crosslinguistic typology, Suihkonen, Pirkko, Bernard Comrie and Valery Solovyev (eds.), pp. 151–176 | Article
Xibe is a Tungus-Manchu language spoken in Xinjiang Uygur [Uighur] Autonomous Region in Northwestern China. In this paper we present a corpusbased study of the structural and discourse-functional behavior of the particle da in spoken Xibe. From a structural perspective, we observe that da may occur… read more