Niina Ning Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Niina Ning Zhang plays a role.



Zhang, Niina Ning 2022 Two kinds of selection markingInternational Journal of Chinese Linguistics 9:1, pp. 49–77 | Article
Why does an argument clause contain a meaningless complementizer in languages such as English and German, but not in Mandarin; and why does an adverbial clause occur with a meaningless correlative adverb in the matrix clause in Mandarin, but not in languages such as English and German? Extending… read more
Zhang, Niina Ning 2022 Defective incorporating verbs in MandarinLanguage and Linguistics 23:2, pp. 329–348 | Article
This paper identifies a type of noun incorporation in which the verb and a nominal are combined as early saturation of the verb, in contrast to early restriction, which is seen in the familiar type of noun incorporation. Two types of V-V resultative constructions in Mandarin Chinese are… read more
In Mandarin Chinese, the degree word ji ‘extremely’ can occur either to the left of a gradable expression, like other degree words, or at the end of a sentence, followed by the particle le. Meanwhile, head dependencies have been recognized to be either syntactic or non-syntactic, and syntactic… read more
Zhang, Niina Ning 2007 Universal 20 and Taiwan Sign LanguageSign Language & Linguistics 10:1, pp. 55–81 | Article
Word order flexibility in sign languages has led some scholars to conclude that sign languages do not have any hierarchical structure. This paper shows that the word order patterns within Taiwan Sign Language nominals precisely follow Greenberg’s (1963:87) Universal 20. The manifestation of the… read more
Zhang, Niina Ning 2003 The asymmetry between depictives and resultatives in ChineseAsymmetry in Grammar: Volume 1: Syntax and semantics, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 165–185 | Article