Greg Myers

List of John Benjamins publications for which Greg Myers plays a role.

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Myers, Greg 2024 The uses of laughter in epideictic radio interviewsStructures in Discourse: Interaction, adaptability, and pragmatic functions, Gill, Martin, Aino Malmivirta and Brita Wårvik (eds.), pp. 83–102 | Chapter
A number of researchers have dealt with laughter as a strategic device in broadcast interviews and press conferences. I consider how laughter works in a genre in which part of the purpose is to praise the interviewee – what I call epideictic interviews. These interviews have interactional… read more
Myers, Greg 2000 Powerpoints: Technology, Lectures, and Changing GenresAnalysing Professional Genres, Trosborg, Anna (ed.), pp. 177 ff. | Article
Myers, Greg 1996 Strategic Vagueness in Academic WritingAcademic Writing: Intercultural and textual issues, Ventola, Eija and Anna Mauranen (eds.), pp. 3 ff. | Article