Christoph Schubert

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Introduction to Discourse Studies: New edition

Jan Renkema and Christoph Schubert

[Not in series, 219] 2018. xv, 453 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics

Cognitive Perspectives on Political Discourse

Edited by Pascal Fischer and Christoph Schubert

Special issue of Journal of Language and Politics 13:2 (2014) v, 170 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Schubert, Christoph 2023 Tarantino’s eloquent villains: A pragma-stylistic approach to suspenseInterdisciplinary approaches to the language of pop culture, Montoro, Rocío and Valentin Werner (eds.), pp. 119–143 | Article
Suspense as an aesthetic effect is a key narrative strategy of thriller movies, serving the function of entertainment for wide audiences. As the plot unfolds, arcs of suspense rely on triggering an appealing sense of anticipation that calls for a resolution. The present study examines the… read more
Since presidential primary debates in US election campaigns serve the function of identifying the most promising nominee for the subsequent presidency, they constitute a highly adversarial multilogue. Debaters do not only exchange factual arguments but also use diverse forms of impoliteness… read more
Fischer, Pascal and Christoph Schubert 2014 Introduction: Cognitive perspectives on political discourseCognitive Perspectives on Political Discourse, Fischer, Pascal and Christoph Schubert (eds.), pp. 205–217 | Introduction
Schubert, Christoph 2014 I haven’t spoken to him about it: Evidentiality in White House press briefingsCertainty and Uncertainty in Dialogue, Zuczkowski, Andrzej (ed.), pp. 58–75 | Article
White House press briefings have the function of providing journalists with first-hand information on present activities of the US-American administration. The Press Secretary, currently Jay Carney, mainly draws on indirect reportative evidentialiy, referring to recent utterances by the President.… read more
Schubert, Christoph 2014 Cognitive categorization and prototypicality as persuasive strategies: Presidential rhetoric in the USACognitive Perspectives on Political Discourse, Fischer, Pascal and Christoph Schubert (eds.), pp. 313–335 | Article
Cognitive categorization is an indispensable instrument for organizing human experience. Owing to the obvious appeal of clear-cut categories in ideological discourse, polarization frequently serves as a strategy of political persuasion. The success of such rhetoric corroborates the allure of… read more
The paper explores the structures and functions of follow-up questions in White House press briefings from the perspectives of both text linguistics and cognitive discourse analysis. On the one hand, I investigate the characteristic types of cohesion in follow-ups at the lexicogrammatical level in… read more
In political speeches, narrative functions as a device that supports the fundamental persuasive intention by presenting an ideologically biased selection of past events. On the basis of this premise, it is possible to distinguish between four central functions fulfilled by political narrative… read more