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Journal articles

For information about our policy on 'green' Open Access through Institutional Repositories, please consult our Rights Information page.

If you want or need to make the Version of Record of your article available through Open Access because of funder requirements, this can be arranged through payment of a fee (Article Publication Charge). This option is also available for previously published articles. The Version of Record is the version prepared and published by the publisher, on the basis of the final version of your manuscript (the 'Author Accepted Manuscript'). 

We prefer to use the CC BY-NC license, but it is also possible to use the CC BY license (or other) if that is preferred by the author, or mandated by their institution/funder.

The article publication charge is EUR 1800 (excl. VAT/tax). For articles that were published in an issue more than 12 months ago, a discount applies. Please contact us at openaccess at to discuss the details, providing information on the article (title, authors, journal).

Read & Publish deals/Transformative agreements

Corresponding authors from institutions with which we have a Read & Publish arrangement can publish Open Access in our journals without paying the fee. For more information on the institutions and the requirements, see this  list of Read & Publish deals.

All journal articles that enter our production workflow — after acceptance by the journal — are automatically checked to see if the institution of the corresponding author is participating in a Read & Publish arrangement with us, and if the article was submitted to the journal after the start of that arrangement. If so, we will automatically arrange for Open Access publication. The author(s) will see this in the proofs of the article, where Open Access information will be added in the footer and the funding section.

By default we apply the CC BY license; at the request of the author, another license can be considered.


If you want to make the electronic edition of your book available in Open Access, this can be arranged through payment of a fee.

The OA fee is calculated per project and will depend on the type of book (size, complexity of the formatting, etc.) and the expected revenue from print sales. We cannot provide such a calculation without — at minimum — a full book proposal, including a(n estimated) word count. As an indication, current fees are usually in the EUR 6,000-8,000 range (excl. VAT/tax) for a book to be made Open Access immediately upon publication. To make a book Open Access that was published several years ago, lower fees apply, depending on the age of the book and the sales revenue to date.

For books we prefer to use the CC BY-NC-ND license, but if you require another license, this can be negotiated.

Open Access books are made available on our own JB e-Platform, through the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), and on Google Play, as well as on those other vendor platforms that we have agreements with for e-books in general and that agree to host OA books. For all our books, including Open Access books, we have an archiving solution in place with Portico.

All book proposals and manuscripts will go through a thorough assessment before acceptance for publication, regardless of whether the publication is or is not going to be Open Access. Open Access - online-only - publication of books (without a print edition) offers possibilities for publishing materials that are not quite book-length (but too long for a journal article).

Please contact us at openaccess at to discuss the details for your project.

Articles in books

At this moment, we do not distribute articles from books as separate entities, and we do not have the possibility to publish individual articles in books as Open Access (unless the entire volume is Open Access, see above). For 'green' Open Access options for articles in books, please see the relevant section of our Rights Policy page.