Robert Veltman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert Veltman plays a role.


Veltman, Robert 2003 Phonological metaphorGrammatical Metaphor: Views from systemic functional linguistics, Simon-Vandenbergen, Anne-Marie, Miriam Taverniers and Louise J. Ravelli (eds.), pp. 311–335 | Article
This study argues for a reformulation of the semiotic and characteristically linguistic construct of Duality of Patterning. Since the Duality principle was originally formulated, linguists have generally accepted the 'barrier' enshrined in Duality, said to separate the levels of Expression (in… read more
Godman, Arthur and Robert Veltman 1990 Language development and the translation of scientific textsBabel 36:4, pp. 193–212 | Article
Le Développement Linguistique et la Traduction des Textes Scientifiques Cet article en deux parties aborde le sujet quelque peu délicat de la traduction en langue malaise de textes scientifiques dont la langue de composition originale est l'Anglais. L'Anglais est une langue de communication… read more