Robert McColl Millar

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert McColl Millar plays a role.



McColl Millar, Robert 2012 The problem of reading dialect in semiliterate letters: The correspondence of the Holden family, 1812–16 and of Richard Taylor 1840–51Letter Writing in Late Modern Europe, Dossena, Marina and Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti (eds.), pp. 163–178 | Article
This qualitative study is concerned with the letters sent by two inhabitants of Lancashire in the first half of the nineteenth century, who had been transported to New South Wales: Thomas Holden (or Holding) and Richard Taylor. The corpus also includes letters to Holden from his family. The forces… read more
Shetland dialect, the northernmost Scots variety, is something of a conundrum. Although most of its features place it at the end of the Northern Scots dialect continuum, some lexical, phonological and structural features resemble characteristics of more southerly Scots dialects; in particular those… read more
McColl Millar, Robert 2003 Review of Hagan (2002): Urban Scots Dialect WritingEnglish World-Wide 24:1, pp. 122–126 | Review
McColl Millar, Robert 2000 Some suggestions for explaining the origin and development of the definite article in EnglishPathways of Change: Grammaticalization in English, Fischer, Olga, Anette Rosenbach and Dieter Stein (eds.), pp. 275–310 | Article