Outi Bat-El

List of John Benjamins publications for which Outi Bat-El plays a role.


Ben-David, Avivit and Outi Bat-El 2016 Paths and stages in acquisition of the phonological word in HebrewAcquisition and Development of Hebrew: From infancy to adolescence, Berman, Ruth A. (ed.), pp. 39–68 | Article
The chapter traces the acquisition of the phonological word in Hebrew, with reference to the development of the prosodic word (number of syllables), the foot (stress patterns), the syllable and its sub-syllabic units (onset and coda), and the segments and their features. For each type of… read more
Bat-El, Outi 2014 Staying away from the weak left edge: A strengthening strategyThe Form of Structure, the Structure of Form: Essays in honor of Jean Lowenstamm, Bendjaballah, Sabrina, Noam Faust, Mohamed Lahrouchi and Nicola Lampitelli (eds.), pp. 193–208 | Article
The left edge of the word is a strong position; it tends to resist phonological processes and be the left anchor in the formation of hypocoristics, in Hebrew (e.g. [matitjáhu] → [máti]) as well as in other languages. However, when the left edge of the base name hosts a weak segment, it has a good… read more
Adam, Galit and Outi Bat-El 2008 Morphological knowledge without morphological structure: Morphology-prosody interface in the first Hebrew verbsCurrent Issues in Generative Hebrew Linguistics, Armon-Lotem, Sharon, Gabi Danon and Susan Rothstein (eds.), pp. 197–222 | Article
During the one-word stage, Hebrew-speaking children have only one form for each verb paradigm, and this is usually the free stem. Crucially, the children tend not to produce verbs with inflectional suffixes, although their prosodic phonology allows them to do so. We argue that this phenomenon… read more
Bat-El, Outi 2008 Morphologically conditioned V-Ø alternation in Hebrew: Distinction among nouns, adjectives & participles, and verbsCurrent Issues in Generative Hebrew Linguistics, Armon-Lotem, Sharon, Gabi Danon and Susan Rothstein (eds.), pp. 27–60 | Article
I argue in this paper that phonology plays a role in enhancing the distinction among the lexical categories. The argument is based on V alternation in the inflectional paradigms of CVCVC stems which varies in position and type of vowel depending on the lexical category. For example, adjectives… read more