Cristina Messineo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cristina Messineo plays a role.


Messineo, Cristina 2019 Syntactic complexity and grammaticalization in Toba language (Guaycuruan)Diverse Scenarios of Syntactic Complexity, Álvarez González, Albert, Zarina Estrada-Fernández and Claudine Chamoreau (eds.), pp. 191–216 | Chapter
This chapter analyzes phasal, modal and verbs of motion which, in Toba language (Guaycuruan family), have grammaticalized starting from two types of constructions: completive clauses with phasal and modal verbs, and serial verb constructions (SVCs) with motion verbs. In the domain of phasal and… read more
This paper studies the use of the term educación bilingüe intercultural (ebi) (‘intercultural bilingual education’) both in specialized discourse as well as in non-specialized documents from the perspective of a proposal for a terminology which is at variance with the traditional point of view,… read more