Donald A. Ringe, Jr.

List of John Benjamins publications for which Donald A. Ringe, Jr. plays a role.


Bowern, Claire, William Labov, Sali A. Tagliamonte, Nigel Vincent, Donald A. Ringe, Jr. and Joseph C. Salmons 2023 Diachrony and Diachronica: 40@40Diachronica 40:4, pp. 557–568 | Editorial
Ringe, Jr., Donald A. 1996 The Mathematics of 'Amerind'Diachronica 13:1, pp. 135–154 | Article
SUMMARY After discussion of several methodological issues, a simpfe method for evaluating nonbinary wordlist comparisons probabilistically is introduced, and the data of Joseph H. Greenberg's "Amerind Etymological Dictionary" (1987: 181-270) are evaluated by that method. It is found that the… read more
Ringe, Jr., Donald A. 1995 'Nostratic' and the Factor of ChanceDiachronica 12:1, pp. 55–74 | Article
SUMMARY The distribution of reflexes of 'Nostratic' roots among the first-order subgroups of the proposed family in Illic-Svityc (1971) is not significantly different from a binomial distribution, the type of curve described by random chance similarities of uniform probability. By contrast,… read more
Ringe, Jr., Donald A. 1986 Review of Collinge (1985): The Laws of Indo-EuropeanDiachronica 3:1, pp. 107–113 | Review