Marika Lekakou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marika Lekakou plays a role.


Koeneman, Olaf, Marika Lekakou and Sjef Barbiers 2011 Perfect doublingLinguistic Variation 11:1, pp. 35–75 | Article
The focus of this paper is the syntax of the so-called perfect doubling construction as it occurs in dialects of Dutch, namely cases of compound tenses featuring an additional, participial have (or be). We examine the properties of the construction on the basis of recent fieldwork research, and… read more
Lekakou, Marika 2008 Aspect matters in the middleThe Limits of Syntactic Variation, Biberauer, Theresa (ed.), pp. 247–294 | Article
This paper addresses the variation that the middle construction attestscross-linguistically. In one class of languges middles behave as passives,whereas in another class they pattern with unergative structures. Myproposal is that this variation is not accidental, and that it reduces tovariation in… read more
Lekakou, Marika 2006 A comparative view of the requirement for adverbial modification in middlesDemoting the Agent: Passive, middle and other voice phenomena, Lyngfelt, Benjamin and Torgrim Solstad (eds.), pp. 167–196 | Article
Lekakou, Marika 2005 Reflexives in contexts of reduced valency: German vs. DutchThe Function of Function Words and Functional Categories, Dikken, Marcel den and Christina Tortora (eds.), pp. 155–185 | Article