Ian Smith

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ian Smith plays a role.


Smith, Ian 2012 Measuring substrate influence: Word order features in Ibero-Asian CreolesIbero-Asian Creoles: Comparative Perspectives, Cardoso, Hugo C., Alan N. Baxter and Mário Pinharanda-Nunes (eds.), pp. 125–148 | Article
Word order characteristics of the Ibero-Asian creoles are examined in order to determine the extent of influence of the lexifier and substrate(s) and to correlate this with the strength and extent of lexifier presence in the history of each creole. The design and application of a numerical metric… read more
Smith, Ian and Scott Paauw 2006 Sri Lanka Malay: Creole or convert?Structure and Variation in Language Contact, Deumert, Ana and Stephanie Durrleman (eds.), pp. 159–181 | Chapter
Two sociolinguistic characteristics of Sri Lanka Malay (SLM) are atypical for a creole: a non-European, non-colonial lexifier (Vehicular Malay), and a single substrate (Sri Lanka Muslim Tamil) with which it remained in contact. The Tamil-like characteristics of present-day SLMdiffer from those… read more