Francesca Moro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Francesca Moro plays a role.


Moro, Francesca and Pablo Irizarri van Suchtelen 2017 Dominant language transfer in heritage languages: Redefining the ‘structural’, and the ‘transfer’ in ‘structural transfer’Dynamics of Linguistic Diversity, Peukert, Hagen and Ingrid Gogolin (eds.), pp. 143–162
Heritage languages (HL), like other contact varieties, are subject to considerable transfer. However, the question remains of whetherstructuresare reallytransferredfrom one language to another. Two case studies, one about datives in heritage Spanish, and the other about resultatives in heritage… read more | Chapter
Aalberse, Suzanne and Francesca Moro 2014 Stability in Chinese and Malay heritage languages as a source of divergenceStability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms, Braunmüller, Kurt, Steffen Höder and Karoline Kühl (eds.), pp. 141–162
This article discusses Malay and Chinese heritage languages as spoken in the Netherlands. Heritage speakers are dominant in another language and use their heritage language less. Moreover, they have qualitatively and quantitatively different input from monolinguals. Heritage languages are often… read more | Article
Moro, Francesca 2014 Resultative constructions in heritage Ambon Malay in the NetherlandsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2014, Auer, Anita and Björn Köhnlein (eds.), pp. 78–92
Domains where languages have two or more competing syntactic constructions expressing the same meaning may be problematic for bilingual heritage speakers. One such variable domain is the resultative constructions in heritage Ambon Malay, a variety spoken in the Netherlands by Dutch-Ambon Malay… read more | Article