Eitan Grossman

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Theoretical linguistics


This introductory chapter presents general information about Modern Hebrew (MH), as the topic of the present volume. It delineates major features of MH in order to contextualize the language in space – in terms of its community of speakers; in time – in relation to its diachronic background and its… read more
It has repeatedly been observed that there is a worldwide preference for suffixes over prefixes. In this article, we argue that universally dispreferred – or rare – structures can and do arise as the result of regular processes of language change, given the right background structures.… read more
Nikolaev, Dmitry and Eitan Grossman 2018 Areal sound change and the distributional typology of affricate richness in EurasiaStudies in Language 42:3, pp. 562–599 | Article
This paper makes a contribution to phonological typology by investigating the distribution of affricate-rich languages in Eurasia. It shows that affricate-rich and affricate-dense languages cluster areally within Eurasia and have area-specific histories. In particular, the affricate-rich areas… read more
Rosemeyer, Malte and Eitan Grossman 2017 The road to auxiliariness revisited: The grammaticalization of finish anteriors in SpanishDiachronica 34:4, pp. 516–558 | Article
Auxiliary verbs are known to grammaticalize from lexical verbs, but how do lexical verbs acquire verbal complements to begin with? This article provides an account of the semantic and pragmatic basis of grammaticalization of the Spanish anterior (‘perfect’) [acabar + de + infinitive] from a… read more