Agata Rozumko

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The increasing interest in cross-linguistic research in the area of epistemic modality calls for developing a common theoretical framework within which the inventories and uses of epistemics can be compared across languages. The aim of this study is to compare the repertoires of English and Polish… read more
Rozumko, Agata 2012 Chapter 12. English influence on Polish proverbial languageThe Anglicization of European Lexis, Furiassi, Cristiano, Virginia Pulcini and Félix Rodríguez González (eds.), pp. 261–277 | Article
The aim of this article is to discuss recent borrowings of English proverbs into Polish. Foreign proverbs are often cited when members of a linguistic community wish to signal their identification with another community, which is why changes in proverbial language may be indicative of the adoption… read more