Dennis Ott

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dennis Ott plays a role.


This paper proposes a crosslinguistically uniform analysis of Left-dislocation constructions, according to which left-dislocated XPs are elliptical sentence fragments surfacing in linear juxtaposition to their host clause. The analysis is shown to provide a principled solution to Cinque’s Paradox:… read more
Ott, Dennis and Mark de Vries 2012 Thinking in the right direction: An ellipsis analysis of right-dislocationLinguistics in the Netherlands 2012, Elenbaas, Marion and Suzanne Aalberse (eds.), pp. 123–134 | Article
We propose to analyze right-dislocation constructions in terms of clausal coordination, coupled with ellipsis. While neither rightward movement nor base-generation of backgrounded and afterthought phrases is descriptively accurate, we show that the facts follow straightforwardly on an analysis… read more
Ott, Dennis 2010 Grammaticality, interfaces, and UGExploring Crash-Proof Grammars, Putnam, Michael T. (ed.), pp. 89–104 | Article
It is argued that the notions “well-formedness” and “grammaticality,” inspired by formal-language theory, are not necessarily relevant for the study of natural language. The assumption that a [± grammatical] distinction exists, i.e. that I-language generates only certain structures but not others,… read more