Thierry Olive

List of John Benjamins publications for which Thierry Olive plays a role.


Reilly, Judy, Josie Bernicot, Lara Polse, Thierry Olive, Joel Uze, Beverly Wulfeck, Lucie Broc, Monik Favart and Mark Appelbaum 2018 Chapter 19. Spoken and written narratives from French- and English-speaking children with Language Impairment\Sources of Variation in First Language Acquisition: Languages, contexts, and learners, Hickmann, Maya †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa (eds.), pp. 409–426 | Chapter
Children with Language Impairment (LI) show significant delays in spoken language development with persistent problems in morphology. In this chapter, we compare spoken and written narratives from children with LI and their typically developing peers (TD) in French and English. We investigate the… read more
In the present study, we adopt a cognitive-discursive approach to analyse the linguistic structures of bursts of production in a corpus of reports by social workers about children at-risk. Bursts were identified as periods of fluent writing between pauses of at least two seconds, and were coupled… read more