Jasmina Milićević

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Serbian Clitics

Jasmina Milićević

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 229] 2023. xxiii, 166 pp.
Subjects Balto-Slavic linguistics | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Louis, François et Jasmina Milićević 2013 Description lexicographique du vocable breton KEUZ ‘regret’Lingvisticæ Investigationes 36:1, pp. 90–130 | Article
The paper proposes a lexicographic description of the polysemous word keuz ‘≈ regret’, from the Vannetais dialect of Breton. Our description is based both on written and oral usage, the latter being mostly that of the Pontivy region, in the North of the Department of Morbihan. Some of the… read more
The paper discusses impersonal constructions in Serbian within the Meaning-Text framework. It provides a definition and a typology of impersonal constructions, based on the notions of semantically full/empty and phonetically non-zero/zero subject lexemes, and describes the interaction of impersonal… read more
Milićević, Jasmina 2009 Linear placement of Serbian clitics in a syntactic dependency frameworkDependency in Linguistic Description, Polguère, Alain and Igor Mel’čuk (eds.), pp. 235–276 | Article
Milićević, Jasmina 2005 Clitics or Affixes? On the Morphological Status of the Future-Tense Markers in SerbianMorphology and its demarcations: Selected papers from the 11th Morphology meeting, Vienna, February 2004, Dressler, Wolfgang U., Dieter Kastovsky, Oskar E. Pfeiffer and Franz Rainer (eds.), pp. 39–52 | Article