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AILA Review is the official journal of AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics. It is Scopus-indexed and addresses cutting-edge topics such as inter- and transdisciplinary issues in Applied Linguistics. Founded in 1989, AILA Review has always been an excellent publication platform for peer-reviewed contributions addressing socially relevant problems in which language learning, research, and practice play a key role.

Up to Volume 16, the journal was published by AILA itself. From Volume 16 onwards, AILA Review has been published by John Benjamins.

All articles are published under the Creative Commons license CC BY.

From Volume 34 onwards, AILA Review is published in two issues per volume: an open issue based on articles by scholars responding to open calls – and a special issue guest-edited by AILA Research Networks. AILA Review will be freely accessible to members of AILA.

ISSN: 1461-0213 | E-ISSN: 1570-5595
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Volumes and issues

Volume 36 (2023)

Volume 35 (2022)

Volume 34 (2021)

Volume 33 (2020) Linguistic Recycling

Volume 32 (2019) Policy and practice in early language learning

Volume 31 (2018) Transdisciplinarity in Applied Linguistics

Volume 30 (2017) Meaning Making in the Periphery

Volume 29 (2016) Reflexivity in Late Modernity

Volume 28 (2015) Theory in Applied Linguistics Research

Volume 27 (2014) Research methods and approaches in Applied Linguistics

Volume 26 (2013) Applications in Applied Linguistics

Volume 25 (2012) Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education

Volume 24 (2011) Applied Folk Linguistics

Volume 23 (2010) Applied Cognitive Linguistics in Second Language Learning and Teaching

Volume 22 (2009) Multilingual, Globalizing Asia

Volume 21 (2008) Multilingualism and Minority Languages

Volume 20 (2007) Linguistic inequality in scientific communication today

Volume 19 (2006) Themes in SLA Research

Volume 18 (2005) Applied Linguistics in Latin America

Volume 17 (2004) World Applied Linguistics

Volume 16 (2003) Africa and Applied Linguistics

Editorial Board
Markus Bieswanger | University of Bayreuth
Masaki Oda | Tamagawa University
Andrea Sterzuk | University of Regina
ORCID logoLawrence Jun Zhang | University of Auckland
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Volume 31 (2018) 1 issue; 100 pp. Open Access EUR 121.00
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Volume 21 (2008) 1 issue; 100 pp. EUR 87.00 EUR 90.00
Volume 20 (2007) 1 issue; 100 pp. EUR 84.00 EUR 87.00
Volume 19 (2006) 1 issue; 100 pp. EUR 82.00 EUR 84.00
Volume 18 (2005) 1 issue; 100 pp. EUR 78.00 EUR 80.00
Volume 17 (2004) 1 issue; 143 pp. EUR 73.00 EUR 75.00
Volume 16 (2003) 1 issue; 100 pp. EUR 68.00 EUR 70.00

AILA Review invites AILA members from all national affiliate organisations to submit proposals for the future issues of AILA Review. AILA Review is the Scopus-indexed Journal that focuses on cutting-edge research by research networks of AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics. It is published by John Benjamins, Amsterdam, and appears twice a year, once as a thematically oriented, guest-edited volume of 100-120 pages, and once as an open issue.

Open Issue

Submissions for the open issue should be between 8000 and 10,000 words including references. Please submit via the Editorial Manager:

Thematic Issue

Proposals for thematic issues should include the following information:

The guest editor(s) is/are required to ensure that all papers comply with the Guidelines for Contributors of AILA review and that the papers are properly checked for formatting and language. Depending on the guest editor(s)' preference, each issue should contain 6-8 articles, which will normally each be of 10,000 (8 articles) to 15,000 words (6 articles) in length, including tables and figures. This sets AILA review apart from the usual length of articles of 8.000 words in other journals and allows for a more detailed discussion of the volumes' topics.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to publications_coordinator at or eeling.low at


John Benjamins journals are committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and to supporting ethical research practices. Please read this Ethics Statement.

Rights and Permissions

Authors must ensure that they have permission to use any third-party material in their contribution; the permission should include perpetual (not time-limited) world-wide distribution in print and electronic format.

For information on authors' rights, please consult the rights information page.

Open Access

Articles accepted for this journal can be made Open Access through payment of an Article Publication Charge (APC) of EUR 1800 (excl. tax); more information can be found on the publisher's Open Access Policy page. There is no fee if the article is not to be made Open Access and thus available only for subscribers.

Corresponding authors from institutions with which John Benjamins has a Read & Publish arrangement can publish Open Access without paying a fee; information on the institutions and which articles qualify, can be found on this page.

For information about permission to post a version of your article online or in an institutional repository ('green' open access or self-archiving), please consult the rights information page.


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