The Study of Language and Translation

Willy Vandeweghe | Hogeschool Gent
Sonia Vandepitte | Hogeschool Gent
Marc Van de Velde | Hogeschool Gent
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The volume contains a selection of papers from the congress on the topic of 'The Study of Language and Translation', held in Ghent in January 2006. Its theme is the interface between Linguistics and Translation Studies. The volume hosts contributions from leading scholars in the field such as Mona Baker, Andrew Chesterman, Christiane Nord, and others. Some articles are theoretical but the majority relies on empirical data. Many of those are in some way or another tributary to the corpus approach, with translation universals as a recurring theme. Various methodologies are suggested for the investigation of similarities, metacommunication, borrowings, collocations, and other topics. The differences between translations and their source texts and those between translated and non-translated texts are explored in various ways. The findings yield hypotheses about the mechanisms in the process of translation and the cognitive viewpoint is never far away. As a whole, the volume presents the richness of the field of descriptive Translation Studies and the complexities involved in its linguistic approach.
[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 21] 2007.  v, 200 pp
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Table of Contents
Introduction: A Linguistic 'Re-Turn' in Translation Studies?
Willy Vandeweghe, Sonia Vandepitte and Marc Van de Velde
Patterns of Idiomaticity in Translated vs: Non-Translated Text
Mona Baker
Prosodic and Pragmatic Universals in Translating Clitics: The Case of the Spanish Translation of French Clitics
Kris Buyse
Diminutive Expressions in Translation: A Comparative Study of English and Czech
Jana Chamonikolasová and Jiří Rambousek
Similarity Analysis and the Translation Profile
Andrew Chesterman
Is Explicitation in Translation Cognitively Related to Linguistic Explicitness? A Study on Interclausal Relationships
Anna Espunya
Corpus-Driven Hypothesis Generation in Translation Studies, Contrastive Linguistics and Text Linguistics: A Case Study of Demonstratives in Spanish and Dutch Parallel Texts
Patrick Goethals
A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Translation Shifts
Sandra L. Halverson
Studying Anglicisms with Comparable and Parallel Corpora
Sara Laviosa
Clause Structure and Subjectivity in English and Finnish: What Changes in Translation?
Marjatta Lehtinen
A Corpus-Based Analysis of Lexical Items Conveying Body Language in the COVALT Corpus
Josep Marco and Josep R. Guzman Pitarch
The Phatic Function in Translation: Metacommunication as a Case in Point
Christiane Nord
Semantic and Pragmatic Meanings in Translation
Sonia Vandepitte

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