Case and Grammatical Relations Across Languages

This is a series of 6 books dealing with case phenomena in different languages, both Indo- and non-Indo-European, instigated by Brygida Rudzka-Ostyn, and resulting from work by a team of specialists at the University of Leuven. It is the first time such a large-scale investigation into case has been undertaken, and a remarkable feature of the project is the use of computer corpora of authentic material.
The project consists of: Vol. 1 Bibliography; Vols. 2-3 The Dative , Vol. 4 The Nominative and Accusative and Their Counterparts; Vol. 5. The Genitive ; Vol. 6 Non-nuclear Cases.

2014. ca. 2510 pp.
Edited by Nicole Delbecque, Karen Lahousse and Willy Van Langendonck
2014. xii, 328 pp.
Edited by Anne Carlier and Jean-Christophe Verstraete
2013. vii, 356 pp.
Edited by Kristin Davidse and Béatrice Lamiroy
2002. x, 363 pp.
Edited by Willy Van Langendonck and William Van Belle
1998. xvi, 296 pp.
Edited by William Van Belle and Willy Van Langendonck
1996. xviii, 455 pp.
Petra Campe
1994. vii, 644 pp.